(Los Angeles) May 7th Firepower Records is proud to announce the release of xKore’s Wild To The Kore EP, and although the label continues to push the limits of what’s possible in bass music, xKore delivers an overdose of that heavy grime diehard Firepower fans have grown to love. At only 21 years of age, his productions show an enviable diversity and range resulting from his willingness to experiment with sound. But one thing is clear: his productions are frenetic and fierce.

Leading the EP is the title track “Wild to the Kore”, and it’s the sonic equivalent of a kick in the gut. xKore’s intention is to rattle listeners to the “Kore”, and this track does not fail at doing just that. “Full Clip”, the second track on the EP, increases the pressure with an onslaught of mind numbing chainsaw synths and stabs. When played back to back, this combination of tracks can act as an efficient tool for separating oneself from their sanity.

“PULL UP” moves into uncharted territory by slicing up the traditional Drum and Bass, Dubstep and Trap genres and reassembling them into a monster peak hour banger. It’s a welcome addition to the heavier Dubstep grime holding down the first half of the EP. The last track of the EP “Go Hard” reveals a producer who has perfected his craft. He builds the tune using a heavy Trap platform and then explodes into a dancefloor-crushing hardstyle section. xKore knows his audience well, and for those fans who have been craving a return to the filthy beats, this EP is for you.

The tracklisting for Wild to the Kore is:

1. xKore – “Wild to the Kore”
2. xKore – “Full Clip”
3. xKore – “ PULL UP”
4. xKore – “ Go Hard

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