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(Los Angeles) March 2nd Firepower Records is thrilled to announce the release of Truth’s forthcoming EP The Ark on March 17th, and with the amount of sonic subterfuge pumping through these tracks, it’ll have conspiracy theorists busy for years to come. Truth are truly architects of bass and have tapped into the emotional core of human experience. The songs are as hefty and heavy as the subwoofer-rupturing basslines that underpin their work. Truth are one of New Zealand’s finest creative exports and are respected across the globe. Since its inception several years ago, both Andre Fernandez and Tristan Roake have, as both world-class producers and party-rocking DJs, cut a clear pathway through the international dubstep scene.

The Ark” (The Ark of the Covenant) starts the EP. For centuries, academics and intellectuals have attempted, and failed, to uncover the mysteries of The Ark, and this track is a musical homage to the secrets enshrouding it. The haunting vocals sound like a primal call from the past. Then, the sub-bass hits, and the body is jolted into a dance that bridges the spiritual past with the spiritual present.

“Look Around” is not simply the title of the second track on the EP, it’s also a prerequisite needed to decipher the story Truth tells through the course of the EP. For Truth, dance music is much more than a way to fill the audio space of a club or festival. Music possesses the potential to express a message that might otherwise remain hidden. Truth’s imperative to “Look Around” prepares the listener for an experience that will require some work on our part. And if we are not willing to wake up and pay attention to subtle sound designs scaffolding the track, then the true meaning of the Ark will remain cut off.

The mystery behind The Ark has baffled people since it made its way into the hands of human civilizations. Its exact final resting place is still disputed, but theories remain. As the EP progresses, we are taken to Berlin—considered a possible location. As Nazi Germany infected Europe in the 20th century, the theory generated more curiosity. Berlin is also ground zero of the European techno scene, so Truth’s track “Berlin” provides an opportunity to satiate that curiosity through dance. Minimal and deep, “Berlin” takes us underground, to the dark tunnels where after hour parties rage through the murkiest parts of the early morning.

Hysteria” and “Crimson” employ the minimal dub elements Truth have so readily perfected to explore the results and ramifications of group-think. What are the results of mass-hysteria? Past examples in history have yielded frightening results. A nation in the grip of mass-hysteria is willing to believe anything. “Hysteria” challenges the listener to read between the beats and discover the meaning of the track hidden beneath the surface.

Come to Mind” re-introduces us to Phoebe Leyton, an enormously powerful vocalist from New Zealand, who chose the artist name Lelijveld after her mother, who is Deaf. The name means “Field of Lilies” in Dutch. “I love the concept of connecting on another level,” Leyton says, “Beyond sound, beyond silence, beyond something more than we can pick up with our physical human senses.” Truth gives her full control, and the listener is hypnotized. The Trip Hop beat, which is almost entirely constructed of analogue sound elements recorded in Truth’s New Zealand studio (the Duo have studios in NZ and LA), is reminiscent of the late 90’s and early 2000 work of Portishead, and the haunting spirit and energy of that emotionally rich time in dance music comes alive through Lelijveld’s vocalism.

The Track Listing for The Ark is:

1. Truth – “The Ark”
2. Truth – “Look Around”
3. Truth – “Berlin”
4. Truth – “Hysteria”
5. Truth – “Crimson”
6. Truth – “Come To Mind” (Feat. Lelijveld)

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  1. Never been an avid listener of subtle bass music, but after hearing the previews on the test vinyl, might have to get more acquainted with artists like Truth

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