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(Los Angeles) May 19th Firepower Records is set to release returning bass cannon and certified Firepower family member MineSweepa’s Absent EP on June 9th, and we aren’t at all mad at him for taking his sound and going completely rogue. MineSweepa adds a flare of eccentricity to the Firepower catalogue. His style is smooth and refined yet unyielding and rough-around-the-edges. He’s the cool older cousin of the fam, the one you’d sneak off to a Rave with and he’d cover for you when the parents got suspicious. The Absent EP is the whole package, and MineSweepa’s gap in releases allowed him the time and space to put together a diverse and comprehensive package of fine-tuned, precise, and absolutely mind-numbing tracks.

“Champagne Skin” opens the EP with a bare-knuckled punch to the gut. Listen closely; MineSweepa’s sound design prowess is evidenced by the details hidden within the larger skull-splitting synth. Balancing the track is a pleasant euphoric section, which accentuates the emotional rollercoaster this track is designed to lock you into. On remix duties is Shindig, who uses the euphoric sections of “Champagne Skin” as his inspiration. Light and airy at times, Shindig puts his skills on the keys to the test. The result is a serene yet sinister future funk head banger.

MineSweepa shows his range with “Head Roll”, and it should really be contained in a vacuum-sealed glass case with a warning on the outside that says, “break in case of emergency”. The track is an Electro peak hour weapon designed to wreak as much havok on a dance floor as possible. It’s the kind of audio tool Dubstep producers are exceptionally adept at designing, and MineSweepa is no exception. But MineSweepa also pays tribute to many of the Electro House producers of a decade ago by incorporating classic sounds and beat techniques. This track is not for the weak willed; like a Samurai Katana or a Nepalese Gurkha, once out, it must draw blood.

“Tit Tat” brings the past and future of bass music together by creating an incredibly addicting piece of bass wizardry. With hints of the heavier Trip Hop beat structures reminiscent of Robert Miles’ 2001 Organik album, MineSweepa experiments with future bass sounds inspired by the stylings of mid-90’s hip hop. Minimal without being boring, heavy without being too in-your-face, this track is your one-way ticket to bass bliss.

The tracklisting for Absent is:

1. MineSweepa – “Champagne Skin”
2. MineSweepa – “Head Roll”
3. MineSweepa – “Tit Tat”
4. MineSweepa – “Champagne Skin” (Shindig Remix)

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