LOS ANGELES (July 17th, 2014)Dead Exit are Sammy Porter and the Drum and Bass guru, Crissy Criss, of BBC’s Radio 1 Fame. Together, they are a hard hitting, home wrecking bass music DJ & production outfit from London, UK, and on July 29th, Firepower Records will release their newest two-track EP, Snake, into the bass music universe. This will be an absolute smasher, loaded with enough venom to whip any crowd into a frenzy.

The first track, “Murder Tune”, is aptly named. Tribal drums flow through the track filling listeners with the distinct and unsettling feeling that they are not only lost in a Forest, but have suddenly gone from hunter to hunted. Heavy doses of deep synth stylings penetrate the track, and unique twists on classic Dub vocal samplings fill the empty spaces, which adds to its status as a true head-banger. The track seems to move in stages, bringing the listener into and out of a haunting kind of euphoria before dropping us into a melee of buzz-saw synths.

The title track “Snake” brings us face-to-face with the realization that what hunts us is what we fear the most. Beginning with a sinister vocal narrative of the “Snake”, it slowly builds to a climax until the beat hits like a direct strike. The toxic bass of “Snake” rips through the skull and races through the body. Intermittent Hardstyle sections increase the complexity by breaking up the Dubstep beat structure and then moving us into the next phase of the track. The result is a frenetic state of bass driven insanity.

Designed to damage dancefloors, festivals, and iPods around the world, Dead Exit’s Snake is an EP to watch out for.

Complete Tracklisting for Snake is below:

1. Dead Exit – “Murder Tune”
2. Dead Exit – “Snake”

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