(Los Angeles) Ocotber 27th Sydney’s bass badass PhaseOne will release his highly anticipated EP Touching The Stars on Firepower Records, November 11th. If there was any confusion as to whether Australia goes hard, this EP puts that debate to rest. Permanently. And it takes PhaseOne exactly four tracks to prove it.

The ferocity PhaseOne packs into such an efficient package stems from his punk and hardcore roots and can be heard in his guttural synths, catchy chords and soaring leads. This is clear in his track “Six Feet Under” which leads with a primal scream and a hardcore metal motif. He makes the crossover seem so natural but offers a level of rage manufactured electronically that metal fans would never have imagined. In “Burdens” PhaseOne shows his range by calling on the gorgeous vocalism of Aloma Steele, who successfully balances the rage with an injection of euphoric introspection. This is a hands in the air, worship-at-the-alter-of-bass sing-along song, pure and simple.

Welcoming the listener to the EP is “Initiate”—and it does exactly that. An untutored fan may listen to this track knowing nothing about the capabilities of PhaseOne, but by the end he will have developed a deep devotion to the artist. The title track, “Touching the Stars” closes the deal. Devoting a solid portion of space to a Drum and Bass beat, the track is the ultimate display of PhaseOne’s creativity and production skill. A catchy melody leads into the business end of an aggressive synth arrangement that all but invites the listener’s mind to unhinge itself and rage. Hard.

PhaseOne puts on display a production philosophy that favors quality over quantity, and it’s a production philosophy Firepower Records has pursued relentlessly. Bass music comes in all forms and genres, and PhaseOne is the latest member of the Firepower Family to represent that idea.

Track listing for Touching The Stars:

1. PhaseOne – “Initiate”
2. PhaseOne – “Touching The Stars”
3. PhaseOne – “Six Feet Under”
4. PhaseOne – “Burdens” feat. Aloma Steele

For more information on PhaseOne:

Snapchat: PhaseOneMusic

For press inquiries, please contact:

Lee Underwood
Publicity Manager I Firepower Records I Twitter: @lee_underwood_

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  1. Hey datsik you all show take the exsisting photo art that you all have and make iphone cases i would love to have an iphone case with the art from the cds wrapped aroud it just an idea for you all!!! Thanks for the jams i love the 808’s and bending bass lines….

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