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We’re stoked to announce that we’ll be offering Datsik’s Let It Burn LP for FREE! If you have a few bucks and want to support Datsik and Firepower you may purchase the LP on iTunes as usual for less than the cost of a number 6 combo at your favorite greasy fast food joint OR if you’re broke, like free shit or were planning on pirating it anyway you can now cop the album for FREE by clicking the link below.. Either option should leave you feeling a little less greasy.



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250 thoughts on “DATSIK: LET IT BURN LP

  1. OHH EMM GEE! Datsik, you are too awesome. I don’t doubt I’ll buy a few tracks when it’s released, but it’s mighty kind of you to make it available to people who can’t afford it (Like my poor-ass)! My heart is filled with joy, love and wobbles. I Wub Wub WUB YOU DATSIK! <333333

  2. I just wanted to say thank you for offering this for free. I wouldn’t have had the money to buy this one like I did the first one. But I do plan on purchasing some shorts and a t-shirt in the future when I get the money xD

      1. Speaking of the Most Wanted Tour, Any plans on coming to Philly??? Possibly Penn’s Landing???? I need to start going to more EDM concerts, and I’ve been to a Dillon Francis concert, and I’m going to a Pegboard Nerds concert, but I want something a little bit more, “I’ll rip off your face with my bass”…If you know what I mean ;D

      2. Speaking of the Most Wanted Tour, Any plans on coming to Philly??? Possibly Penn’s Landing???? I need to start going to more EDM concerts, and I’ve been to a Dillon Francis concert, and I’m going to a Pegboard Nerds concert, but I want something a little bit more, “I’ll rip off your face with my bass!!!” If you know what I mean ;D

  3. And this is exactly why datsik has been my overall favorite dubstep artist :DDDDDDDDD IM PUKING RAINBOWS! IM SO EXCITED!

  4. I would chuck you some dosh bro but fuckkk i hate itunes (forgot my password & havn’t been fucked to try fix it) what a top bloke you are! makin music for the love of music. next time you’re in Perth Australia hit us up for blaze πŸ˜‰ MADDEST CUNT! peace From down under!

  5. Awesome that your offering it for free. I’ll be sure to repay the favor in the future the money isnt so tight. Thank you!

  6. 1) iTunes can suck a fat one(and not in a good way) and 2) When you go on tour I’ll def buy a ticket and that will be my repayment for the free album! Thanks for allowing an option!!

  7. One of the best nights of my life was 10/28/10 @ Super Ghouls’n Ghosts in Tampa FL.. Met the love of my life and now have a beautiful little girl.. If it weren’t for your show I wouldn’t have drove 700 miles away from TN to be there for that moment.. And my life probably wouldn’t have been the same. Thank you dude. And have been supporting you ever since..

    1. wow thats incredible. super happy for u and thats an insane story πŸ™‚ hopefully catch you at another up and coming show and i hope all is well and u guys are doing awesome as fuck! πŸ™‚

  8. Thanks bro. You always have been and continue to be one of my fav producers. You were the first dubstep producer I listened to and I always know I can count on you for solid tunes. Much respect, and keep up the good work.

  9. Thanks for the DL πŸ™‚ You deserve the support! I wanna donate but I’m kinda broke :/ Thanks anyway!

  10. Thanks for offering your new LP for free, Troy! I gotta say, you are so inspirational to me and I want to produce Dubstep just like you. If I do make it big time, I hope we could do a collab in the future, so keep an eye on me, man! You’re music really moves me and again, thanks for the free LP! Can’t wait to bang to this thing!

  11. As I wish to sum up what i would like to express, I’m just gonna say Thank you for everything. Much Love and a huge mental hug.
    Merci !

  12. Yo Troy bro, you wont see this but you’re the fucking man. About 7 months ago you were one of my top dupstep dudes, but then i got to meet you in club mekka during WMC and fuckk!!!! I could swear your no different then my best people and fam. Such a good person doing some grimy dope shit. The best part about it, you were as human as a human can be! Take it easy.

      1. Yeah man that’d be legit. Me and my girlfriend asked you about your Puppiesmakemehappy t shirt back when you first rocked it at Mekka, I had a transformers hat on, but bro I know this isn’t possible but it’s make me and my girls life if we could party with you next time you’re in Miami, I got tree as far as the eye can see hahaah. Let me know if it’s ever possible! If legit go to any florida show if you could make this happen! Email me or (561)-427-5484

  13. You are amazing! Thanks for the free download! I am in college, and they cant seem to get enough money! You on the other hand appear to love music AND your fans! I will no doubt return this free download with concert tickets and future album purchases!!!

  14. ComingatchyayyyyyyHahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Thanks Datsik,,,saw you at Tramps Like Us in San Diego..Also 2 years ago at Snowglobe in Lake Tahoe..Always awesome to see you ..Always kill it!..Thanks for bringing Getter into Firepower..Good Recruiting going on! Keep it up!

  15. I will be purchasing your album, simply because I don’t believe in free music. You and fpr have an exceptional gift and I know you can’t continue it for free. Thanks for making music!

  16. Datsik thank you so much!!!
    I will buy mech and everything from you!
    You are probably my Number 1 Favorite Producer

  17. Been a fan for years man, love the vibe your music has, I can always tell its a Datsik tune by your recognizable sound! Keep the BANGERS coming! Love from Nelson, B.C.

  18. I cannot wait to see you in SLC!! I just moved back to SLC from Boulder CO and the EDM scene here is weak. I was mad worried about being home but the fact that you are coming here has brought me new hope for being back. Big ups on all your work and thanks for being the amazing producer you are. DATSIK for life!

  19. Datsik Thanks So much for the free download! Its so cool you made the free download feature availible! When the album drops Im totally gonna mix up this sick music. Thanks for inspiring me datsik!
    ps I would go see you live but Im underage for most concerts/clubs so maybe you could perform at an under 18 venue somwhere? Peace from Mesa,

  20. Many Thanks for the free version Datsik. Me and my friend here i Norway hope you the best, and will enjoy this album to the max!

  21. Thanks for giving this for free bro, love your cold blooded EP and totally excited for this one! can’t wait to hear your wubs πŸ˜‰

  22. Thank you so much for releasing this for free man, your a real artist ill never forget when you gave me a shirt at the oakdale theatre in CT for free, you inspire me everyday to be a better musician man keep doing what your doing

    -Sean Byrne

  23. Hey Datsik / Firepower Records..I was wondering if we must have iTunes for the free drop because I don’t and would like a MP3 version.

    will MP3 be available?

  24. Thanks man! You’re the best. You must come to South Africa next year with Firepower crew (after February when I am legal age)… We’ve had so man huge artists here over the past years, now Borgore decides to rock up but I am still not 18. Would be epic

  25. Thanks for ur nice musik. itΒ΄s make my day better ! !!! 1 ! Hope so i can u meat every time in Austria

  26. Been bumping the previews in itunes for days, sick as fuck that you’re giving it away. Monster LP dude keep em coming!

  27. Can’t wait to see you warm up for Flux in Glasgow, you’re awesome especially giving the option to get this for free! <3

  28. Excited to hear the full project, had fun ridding around dc with you blasting music and freestyle at the same time!.

  29. Thanks so much Datsik!!!! This is why I think that you are the best artist out there keep up what you are doing man

  30. I bought Cold Blooded when it came out πŸ˜€
    I’m short on cash being a high school senior without a job so thank you for giving this to me for free c:

  31. Sick offer datsik! I dont like buying virtual stuff so this is great offer for me, If I see any of your products in finnish stores im going to buy that shit for this!

  32. So sick of you to release this for free! Us poor college students need our bass but sometimes we just cant afford it! Hopefully i can make it out to the release party this Wednesday!!!

  33. I’m stoked you’re giving this up free!! It was either buy this or come see you live Wed. Now I can enjoy both!! You rock dude, I can’t wait for your set in a few days!

  34. I’m so happy to be a part of DARKSIDE DUB like this, you the best DATSIK, THANK 4 DISSIKKESS LP

  35. I appreciate the free LP man! Can’t wait wait to be hear the rest of the album. Keep up the BASS!

  36. DUDE! this is going to be HEARTSTOPPINGLY AMAZING! I think that once I hear this my ears will need to see a psycologist for being violated! I also want to thank you for making this available for free so that many other bassheads like myself can listen to this eargasmicaly amazing piece of art! Keep it up Datsik your shiz is the best!

  37. Sorry if i posted this already my computer is being stupid and….well..maybe user error is part of it too lol.
    DUDE! this is going to be HEARTSTOPPINGLY AMAZING! I think that once I hear this my ears will need to see a psycologist for being violated! I also want to thank you for making this available for free so that many other bassheads like myself can listen to this eargasmicaly amazing piece of art! Keep it up Datsik your shiz is the best!

  38. And I will be glad to repay you for giving out this LP for free by hitting the show once you drop by Reno on The Most Wanted Tour!!!! Can’t Wait!!!!

  39. Datsik, thank you oh so much for making this free! I can’t tell you how many DJs other than myself will be happy to get your latest LP. You rock!

  40. what happened to the show in santa ana? I saw it when the tour first got announced but now its not on there πŸ™ will it be on a second leg of the tour?

  41. Thanks for putting this fire out for free man! I Still can’t believe that your coming to Fargo, ND and I am sooooo hyped for that show! You guys are going to destroy the hub!!

  42. Amazing that you will be giving this out for free, now everyone will have to listen to it from my truck :D!

  43. Your the man πŸ™‚ Cant wait to see you in SLC, You truly ACTUALLY care about your fans. right on brotha

  44. Oh yes! Im so ready for my brain to turn to pudding. Saw ya at Nocturnal. Amazing show man! Keep up the amazing work!!!!

  45. I would buy it if i had a apple account and a apple gift card but i dont :'(
    Although, if there was a store where they would sell it physically, then i would of bought like 10 copies <3'
    Gotta show the support and love ! ;D'

  46. Datsik you’re the shit, thanks for the great music man, and free is always the best price, even though you deserve the money for those insane tracks.

  47. Cannot wait to see you in October at Body English in Vegas the night I turn 22! There is no better way to celebrate!! And thank you for KILLING it at Nocturnal Wonderland this weekend!! I did not want that set to end… πŸ™‚

  48. You’re the man for offering this for free! I’ll be sure to repay you when I get the money by buying some merch!

  49. thanks so much for giving this out for free and congrats on the Million fans, also i would like to personally thank you for taking the time at Bella Terra and coming down to talk with me and everyone else after your set.
    Sincerely the guy with the megaphone haha

  50. Thanks for the free download man!

    Me and a couple of friends can’t wait to see you and FuntCase in October

    ITS GONNA BE BADASS!!! Thanks again!!!

  51. So fucking dope man can’t wait to hear this shit……big ups from all the homies you snapped a pic with at ezoo we love your music….keep killin it man

  52. Thanks for the album bro. Huge fan. Cant wait to see you in Dallas in a few weeks. Gonna be my 5th time seeing you live. Last time the bass was so crunk that plaster started falling from the ceiling. Awesome πŸ™‚

  53. Come To England Preston UK !!!. I Hope To Support You In A Set One Day πŸ˜€ !! I entered comps to support you playing manchester in 2012

  54. Your the man datsik, thanks for making the dirtiest tracks and making them so easily available, I met you at upstate concert hall in newyork and it was one of the most exciting opportunities. Please come back to upstate NY, or VT again soon! Keep doin the damn thing pimp.

  55. Datsik, Thanks for droppin this for free! Glad to have seen you at Shambs again this year! Keep on rockin it!!!

  56. Thank you so much for letting us have this for free Troy, i tried pre-ordering this on itunes but they were being annoying an asking me random security questions which i didn’t know haha, but i bought a nice snapback and shirt just to support you C; Thanks for being the best producer i’ve ever listened to!

  57. I’m sure this will be everything we expect from you! And for free, thank you so much! Can’t wait to see you again in STL bro!

  58. can i just say mate just lookin through the comments and not only are you givin free music away your also conversing with your fans not many would do that top bloke πŸ™‚

  59. Soooo looking forward to hear new aΕ―bum!!!! I am going to Bristol this weekend for Tokyo Dub party and I dont see reason not to go again in December when you will be there with Flux!!!! I will jump around πŸ™‚

  60. Keep keepin it real man. Bigup on the free offer, I will be seeing you perform in Tdot very soon.

  61. Datsik you’re a huge inspiration! Keep on making music! πŸ™‚

    P.S, come back to Eugene, OR sometime soon!

  62. Big ups on this homie! Ill be buying it just to show the love my guy! I’ll see you in Spokane!

  63. Aweh Dasik!!! So excited for this LP, the fact that your dropping this for free just shows how far ahead you are!!! Love from South Africa

  64. Sick that you’re giving this away for free. I’m grateful. I’m buying a shirt soon and hope to catch you at the Most Wanted Tour.

  65. Deffinately about to use some of these tunes when i play saturday, thanks for making it free my dude! See ya in detroit!

  66. Yo Datsik, thanks for this man I really look foward to listening to this ep, I am 100percent sure that its going to be pure FIRE!!! Also I cant wait to see you in Lubbock bro gonna be sick!

  67. I dont want it free. i want to buy it, cause you deserves it man, i’ve been listening on your songs, and i have fu*** loved them man, i have had presentasions about you in school 2 times ! YOU ARE THE BEST ! You makes my day by listening to your songs <3

  68. Hey the first time I saw you man, was two years ago at bamboozle needless to say you were fucking dope. But when I catched you at ezoo holy shit you blew my mind. My neck hurt for days from head banging so hard. Wish I wasn’t so broke to buy this (currently unemployed), So thanks so much for the free download my friend. Keep murdering peoples with that bass!

  69. dude i seriously can not wait to see you in november i hope you’ll take the bottle of jd ill be giving you πŸ˜›

  70. I must say, the music, I do enjoy it being free, but my support comes from going to shows and buying merch. Thanks bro.


  72. This is the most amazing sounds I’ve ever heard, you’re pure inspiration bro, brb back produce.

  73. Datsik, you create the filthiest shit ever. It’s so beautifully grimey. Can’t wait to see you on the Most Wanted Tour. Spokane is going to welcome you with open arms and never let you go!!!

  74. Troy, you absolutely murdered this LP man! It’s what I was expecting from you after your remix for Rise at Night! Hopefully we can speak sometime soon πŸ˜€

  75. HE’S BACK πŸ™‚ and im totally glad.i know youve been here.. but i mean what datsik was all about.

  76. Thank you datsik… yes for letting this go for free.. im gunna buy it anyways.. but because I recently started losing my ear for dubstep.. it was getting old… but to see you using the same style from when I started listening to you.. just brought me back. thank you.

  77. Datsik I will be at the show in spokane Washington can’t wait man I bet it’s going to be epic can’t believe Im going such a hug fan man thanks for coming to my town

  78. Mad respect for releasing this masterpiece for free! The music industry needs more people like you that make music for the love it. Shit’s not all about money.

  79. Didn’t even listen to them before I downloaded. Already knew it was going to be gold (which it was).
    Big ups to Datsik and the FirePower peeps for the free download, your greatness is unfathomable. <3
    – KRONO <3

  80. DUDE! thanks for the free DL πŸ™‚ bought the last release and its nice to get a lil for free! your da shit my friend!

  81. If u do a Tour through Europe next Year would be nice!
    I’ll rock da house with ur sick beats the next days.
    Nice greetz from Germany!!

  82. Dude this is the best thing I could possibly see on a Wednesday. You’re a huge inspiration to me as a producer and as a DJ. Can’t wait to see you in Cleveland for the Most Wanted Tour! Hopefully I won’t be too fucked up to stop by the merch table and say hi and buy a shirt! πŸ˜€

  83. Downloaded for Free but Forusre to see you again in Santa Ana,Ca for the 2ND time! You were sick ass hell at Nocturnal! πŸ˜€

  84. amazing! all of nothing is so epic. gonna get me through that long tomorrrowworld car ride πŸ™‚

  85. Thanks for the free DL Datsik, fucking brilliant album! Wish I could come see the Firepower lot but you guys never come to the UK?! Thanks a ton tho, I’ll buy it when I have some cash πŸ™‚

    1. Fuck I just realised I’ll see you with Flux Pavilion in Norwich in December!!!!!!!!!! YES! πŸ˜€

  86. oh my god you guys are soo cool for offerin this as a free download! THANK YOU!! i will be buying a shirt or something!

  87. This is so fucking dope!? Nothing beats your older style this shit is so good. For me east side swing, let it burn and buckshot are serious showstoppas! The rest are real good but seriously keep to your older style and tweak it a bit like you have done here, first LP in a long while i can happily listen to the whole thing and like it all. Oh and big props for offering it for free if you share it on the social platforms, awesome move! Now you just have to come over to the UK sometime so i can skank hard to your shit πŸ˜‰

  88. The Tour doesn’t hit the East Coast at all? It does say more dates are being added? Do you know what the deal is?

  89. This LP is just a crazy piece of art ! You celebrate this 1M with honor,
    And offering it for free show us how generous you are. Thank you for it, and for all the great work you do for years. You’re an awesome artist.
    I missed you in Toulouse (money, money, problem…. -_- ) so I’m really looking forward for your next coming here…

  90. Yo dude you always kill the set man and I want to say thanks for the preview you just did on Mixify (Pissing off my neighbors, with the 15″ studios hahahaha) I will cop this track. I am buying it though, gotta show the support for your talent, from one artist to another. Keep banging dude…Now go get those TACOOOOOOOOOOS LOL. Stay Bless, peace!

  91. Datsik keeping it real. Harks back to the early days of dubstep. I love it. Some sick ass shit you got here.

  92. I tweeted the message, but the album didn’t unlock :s I already tried reloading it, but it still doesn’t unlock…

  93. Just wanted to say thanks for the free download, and you’ve definitely got me hooked! I’m gonna buy more stuff when i get enough $$ (cause as a college student im always broke) but you’ve officially made me wanna be a electro/dubstep producer, so keep doing what you’re doing! and never forget, WU TANG CLAN AINT NUTHIN TO FUCK WIT! Cheers from Calgary!


  95. @disqus_eRDe4gS6LZ:disqus Who is playing with you in santa ana on the 27th? Getter or Funtcase? i see two different sites saying different artists.

  96. You are a fucking psyco maaan, and i like it! πŸ˜‰
    I hope in a no longer future have a featuring with the master Datsik

  97. Datsik you was boss at Sheffield with flux you dropping the heavy stuff, bought a t-shirt of your two, cheers for the good time πŸ™‚

  98. Thanks Datsik for offering this for free. I find it wonderful that there are still artists out there that want people to be able to enjoy their music regardless of money. Because of this I would be more then happy to purchase it!

  99. Won’t let me download, even though I am subscribed. What’s wrong?
    Also- will you ever come to the Kansas City area?

  100. for some reason this wont work :/ Kinda upset huge fannn. I posted on twitter and liked you on facebook it just wont let me :/

  101. Man… your track “Calypso” with Excision is what got me into Dubstep. Since then, I’ve purchased all your releases, not to mention all of Firepower’s. Let me know next time you’re in Kansas!

  102. I would buy it buy it, but it’s sooo fucking expensive in Switzerland :/ I will buy an other tune from you ^^ I hope i can see you someday πŸ˜€ (You need to come to Switzerland, because I’m too lazy too travel to the USA) xD

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