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What’s up everyone,

Welcome to the second Official Firepower Remix Contest! This time we have “Fly” by Protohype up for remixing from his latest releaseΒ buy Seroquel on line without a rx. We want to welcome back everyone who entered the previous buy Seroquel with american express as well as newcomers and anyone up for the challenge! Β We got some wicked new prizes this time around thanks to Puppies and Boom Headphones for giving us some dope swag and gear! Download the stems below and start taking apart, destroying, enhancing and creating your own unique remix of Protohype’s “Fly”. Protohype and the FP crew will judge entries based on creativity, originality and overall HYPE level. Good luck and have fun!


Seroquel suppliers, Seroquel no doctors prescription

  • Your remix will get released as an official remix on Firepower Records
  • Exposure through Firepower and our partners as we will promote our winners via social media and blog.
  • 1 pair of Boom headphones
  • 1 Limited Edition Firepower Boom Urchin Portable Bluetooth Speaker
  • 1 Exclusive Protohype Puppies T-shirt
  • 1 Firepower T-Shirt


  • The Work must be entrant’s own original work using the provided stems, created solely by entrant; must not have been previously published, released or distributed in any form
  • Participants should retain high quality version of their remix should the participant be chosen as the winner
  • Submissions must not contain any copyrighted material or third party content without permission.
  • Limit one entry per person. We encourage entrants to spend time on quality rather thanΒ quantity.


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All entries must be uploaded and successfully submitted by 11:59 PM PST on Aug 2, 2013


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    1. Yeah you can, you download them from the soundcloud attachment on the page πŸ™‚

    2. Hello Mortar! πŸ˜€
      Cant wait to hear your remix already haha

  2. No stems no remix! lolol. Srsly tho, can’t wait to fuck this shit up.

  3. soooooo uhhh how about actually separating the synths perhaps? can’t do much with a stem that’s pretty much the song without vocals and some chords >______________<

      1. no offense but if you guys were boss that wouldnt much matter, make up your own leads and shit, GET CREATIVE, You got the vocals and the bass and thats all you need for a remix!

        1. i only used the voice and the choir, don’t need to have much ^^

  4. Is it optional how much of the provided stems we use? Or do we like have to only work with the stems?

  5. I tried to upload and i got this message after my email? I never submitted anything prior to this submission….

    This field requires an unique entry and ‘’ has already been used

    did it still upload?

  6. whats up with the vocal? theres some weird phasing or something going on, and its not dynamic at all…

      1. Lol, please stop it with “quality” of stems. Master your remix and see the difference. Max don’t give stems with mastering. Please think one second

  7. mediocre bass. sounds like a noobish tune… hahaha
    if I pay will you release mai tunes on firepowah??? lol

  8. im going hard in the paint on this remix but seriously whats the note progression on the baseline, dont want to sit here for hours doing it by ear but i guess theyre arent too many notes to choose from and i like shortcuts, might have to call in the big guns,

      1. Not according to my key detector. but maybe thats why my synths and leads were sounding off. Even tried autotuning her voice and still sounded weird. I’ll try G Major. Lets hope your right.

        1. Key detectors are not 100% accurate. More like between 40%-50%. KeyFinder is the most accurate IMHO and is free. It stacked up to 72% (did same 100 songs with MIK, KF and RE) against teh competition.

    1. “must not have been previously published, released or distributed in any form”

        1. yes it is… Its saying you can’t take a previous song/remix and post it as something new

          1. “for anyone doing the fly remix contest, don’t upload anything to soundcloud. datsik and i are reviewing every submission one by one, and the winner will be chosen from those who haven’t uploaded anything to SC. if you have already, don’t worry about it, just take it down.” – Protohype

            …from protohypes facebook page…you be the judge

          2. Well, if I’m disqualified then that’s really stupid. I don’t have time to go on facebook and check to see that. All rules should specifically be stated on THIS page. Not on a social network that not everyone wants to waste their time on.

    2. Damnit, I wish I would have read this, I uploaded mine on SoundCloud… I’m out I guess ha.

  9. The quality of the stems is really bad, Protohype, what happened πŸ™

  10. Work with what’s provided man, I’ve already heard a few great works so far. I’m can’t wait to wrap mine up! Thanks Protohype

  11. Worst steams ever, everything is slapped into one track, and quality sucks aswell..

  12. Haha yeah the vocal’s were peaking mega bad!! kinda a crappy thing to do -.- .. but best of luck everyone ! had alota fun.. post your mix??

  13. We can upload the remix on soundcloud?

      1. yes, but i’m not sure, and i don’t want to be kick out :/

  14. so do you not get disqualified if you post it on soundcloud before the contest is over?

  15. I asked ’em on twitter, and they said that you WILL BE disqualified if you put the entire track up πŸ™‚

  16. HI! Sorry I’m a little confused with the rules. Do we have to use all three of the remix stems or just at least one? When you mean ‘third party content’ so samples that are purchased or downloaded or OK (mainly referring to drum kit sounds)?

  17. Whats the bpm to this song does anybody know? it would really help me out

  18. “for anyone doing the fly remix contest, don’t upload anything to soundcloud. datsik and i are reviewing every submission one by one, and the winner will be chosen from those who haven’t uploaded anything to SC. if you have already, don’t worry about it, just take it down.” – Protohype

  19. I just finished my remix. Its my first remix so dont know if ill win haha but you’ll never know if you dont try!!! Goodluck with your remixes people!!!

    1. Hey, you might want to take that off of your Soundcloud. Protohype requested all tracks, previews and otherwise, to be hidden/removed before the contest is over.

    1. delete this of SC or you gonna be kick out ^_^

    1. Hey, you might want to take that off of your Soundcloud for now – Protohype requested all tracks, previews and otherwise, to be hidden/removed before the contest is over.

  20. quit all the complianing just getter done an remix the shit out of it

  21. Hmmm you guys take any genre of remix? like mines just bass really allow the hype

  22. Deadline says August 2nd @ 11:59 PST, and its August 1st and i was going to submit my remix but it says “Submission period has now ended”?

    1. I know right???!!!!! I am freaking pissed right now and I can’t stand this. Someone (Firepower Records) needs to reopen it right now!! I felt sooo confident in my remix and now I’m not even going to get to try and submit. I’m pissed off and can’t stand this. It’s ridiculous, and I really really really hope that they open it up again. Firepower better be reading this right now πŸ™

  23. Wtf?!!! Why is the entry form closed?????!!!!! Please open it again! Its 7:44, August 1st, and it says that all entries must be submitted by 11:59 PM on Aug 2nd, 2013. PLEASE OPEN IT AGAIN!!!! PLEASE

  24. What Music Maker Said, please! I just came on here to submit my remix and the form was gone – I also tried sending it through SoundCloud, but have no idea how/if that even works and who will get it.

    1. You should take that down. Anyone who puts their remix up on SC won’t get their remix considered as a winner. πŸ™‚ Just recommend you take it down now

  25. are you all fucking retarded?..serious legit retards. TY Firepower/Protohype for the sik comp..GL to all, next time STFU and spend the energy you spent bitching on yer remix, if you didnt like the your own re-master big brains…BUNG!!

  26. Hey guyz,i uploaded my remix it it`s 100% complet.i sow that,but there is still “Uploading Remix.. Please Wait”

    What should i do? πŸ™
    i dont know they got my remix or not

  27. Hey guyz,i uploaded my remix it it`s 100% complet.i sow that,but there is still “Uploading Remix.. Please Wait”

    What should i do? πŸ™
    i dont know they got my remix or not

    1. when using a .wav file, i noticed that it would not upload. I instead bounced my file as an mp3 and it uploaded just fine.

  28. Hope you guys at Firepower Records like my remix… s/o to Datsik and Protohype. Love y’all, enjoy πŸ™‚
    -PK Fire-

      1. I took mine down off of SoundCloud, I doubt it matters. Probably already got kicked off. I thought it just could not have been previously posted on SoundCloud, meaning I could not take someone elses mix and put it as my own. I was not aware that I could not put my own… Guess I will upload it again when the contest is over.

        Best of luck to everybody still in the contest.

  29. im assuming even a small vine/instagram video clip is a negatory?

      1. Yeah, I was just really busy during the week of so I didn’t get the chance to submit it

  30. Good luck to everyone and thanks for the opportunity for a such a sick remix comp FP and Protohype!

  31. Good luck everyone. may the most kickass remix win XP!

  32. I only uploaded my final mix/ master as a *wip* … is this qualified? as well will you guys require a possible final mix/ master upon your choices?! πŸ™‚ thanks dudes

    1. * by upload I mean, uploaded to SC* I submitted a earlier mixdown!

  33. Some of the questions on here are ridiculous. I uploaded my remix after the closing date, is it still in the running?…I uploaded my mix to Soundcloud after they clearly said not this allowed? and now the best one…I uploaded my mix as a work in progress is this ok? or does the remix need to be finished? haha. No they will wait a a year until you finish it….Seriously wtf!

  34. now that it’s all over, here’s my remix if anybody would like to check it out.

    Seroquel tablets

    all feedback is appreciated!
    id also like to hear your remix’s as well

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