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What up people

We want to thank everyone who submitted an entry to the contest, there were almost 500 entries and it was difficult for us to choose 3 out of so many good ones but it had to be done! We’re proud to announce the 3 winners of the fallout remix contest, in no specific order.


Darby Phillips // Salem, ORMineSweepa on Facebook // MineSweepa on Soundcloud


Brandon Famini // Sacramento, CAAweminus on Facebook // Aweminus on Soundcloud


Chris Williams // Washington, DCHugeative on Facebook // Hugeative on Soundcloud

Congratulations to all 3 winners and thanks again to everyone who submitted a remix. If you didn’t make it this time we encourage you to keep at it as we’ll have more remix contests announced in the near future! make sure to follow firepower on facebook and check back for news and updates.

We will be releasing the winning Fallout Remixes along with a Fallout VIP later this month! stay tuned for updates.

UPDATE: Fallout Remixes now available!


15 thoughts on “Remix Contest Winners

  1. There were a few better ones i heard imo, but these 3 are still sick af! congrats to you three

  2. Tempest remix was pretty dope though, there should be some honorable mentions for some that didn’t make the cut but still impressed getter

  3. these ones were total garbage! why would these be the winners?? especially that first one!

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