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(Los Angeles) March 10th Firepower Records is set to release D-Jahsta’s intense new EP Two Steps from Hell on March 31st, and all four tracks will have you staring squarely into the deep abyss of bass. Hailing from Athens, Greece, D-Jahsta has marched through the international Dubstep scene with little resistance. His sound follows a heavy, take-no-prisoners approach, and there is very little room for rest. From start to finish, the EP earns its name.

Crucify” leads the EP and it sets the tone. The skull splitting synth is the prominent feature in the track, and it balances right over the top of a beat that moves between live-drumming arrangements and the heavier, manufactured Dubstep beat. D-Jahsta keeps the track fresh by constantly shifting up the synth designs. This gives the track a unique, organic feel—as if D-Jahsta himself scorched his fingerprint into the song. “Freakshow” follows suit, implementing similar sound design patterns but leaning heavily on the hard-as-nails chainsaw synth. These two tracks boil Dubstep down to the basics, and then doubles down on those elements. What’s left is an aggressive, yet pure tune designed to level dance floors.

The title track, “Two Steps From Hell”, is the wicked headliner in this menagerie of musical hellfire. By embedding a cinematic horror-filmesque soundtrack sample, the track stands out among the rest for its power and attention to detail. D-Jahsta works in another live-drumming section which gives the track a fresh feel, but it isn’t long before the bass drops and the machine-gun synth let’s loose.
Rounding out the EP is “I Don’t Give a Fu”. The title is also a message for listeners who get stuck in a one-sound mindset. Positioned squarely in the middle of the track is a nasty drum and Bass section that morphs into an old school Jungle beat before returning to the Dubstep rhythm he started with. It’s an active track, but it shows the depth of D-Jahsta’s knowledge and skill as a producer. He sears his style into your brain, and you’re not going to forget it.

The tracklist for Two Steps From Hell is:

1. D-Jahsta – “Crucify”
2. D-Jahsta – “Freakshow”
3. D-Jahsta – “Two Steps From Hell”
4. D-Jahsta – “I Don’t Give A Fu”

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