With support from some of the biggest names in bass music, including Datsik, Skream & Benga, Rusko, Mistajam, Plastician, Emalkay, as well as tens of thousands of YouTube and SoundCloud plays, its time for 19-year-old producer/DJ DKS aka Max Clarke to take centre stage. Age is not a factor when it comes to admiration and musical knowledge and this young, aspiring musician has talent and experience way beyond his years.

buy Seroquel cheap online kicks off the EP with a warm shimmering intro and shuddering bass. The brushing of a high hat is fused with a clipped vocal sample, and a skull shuddering drop that sends the blood rushing. Up next, the bass driven track ‘I Know’ is a skeptic mix of uplifting and unpretentious soundscapes, which touch upon the deeper and darker side of dubstep. DKS draws on an array of influences on ‘I Know’ with his clever use of vocal samples, and ubiquitous snares. Continuing in the flare, ‘String Theory’ immerses itself in a grimier province with its murky breakdowns and chainsaw swings. The dubstep infused wobbles and manic high hats are layered perfectly and tear through one another with booming force.

DKS builds you up during the EP’s seamless flow of musical moments and closes with the larger-than-life record ‘Monsta’. ‘Monsta’s’ dynamic foray is cleverly calculated and the crescendo will knock you senseless. The thrilling female sample and frenzied synths rip each other apart in a brilliantly cultivated manner unlike anything we’ve heard before.

DKS has been championed by BBC Radio 1 and 1xtra, as well as getting his tracks heard across the Rinse FM airwaves. Max has become known for his interesting melodies and arrangements over the past year, and has bought a breath of fresh air to the scene. This is a truly unmissable release from Firepower that once again encapsulates their essence of forward thinking at the forefront of electronic music.

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