(Los Angeles) May 14th Ready or not, Bear Grillz is back to crash the party…and he’s brought some new friends along. On June 2nd, Firepower Records will release Bear Grillz & Friends Volume 2, and together with this motley crew of rave stompers, this big beast aims to wreck shop.

The first track, “EDM”, has Bear Grillz collaborating with audio annihilator Getter. Bear Grillz is somewhat of an expert when it comes to EDM, even though he’s convinced many of his less intelligent animal compatriots EDM is a kind of candy. He is the authority on all things rave in the animal kingdom, and so it makes sense that he leads the EP with a musical odyssey through the contentious world of EDM politics.

Speaking of experts in the subject, Bear Grillz combines forces with the incredibly talented yet totally unpredictable DJ BL3ND to remind fans what it takes to “Get Down”. Returning to the Electro House roots that drove the scene into the second decade of the 21st century, the track refocuses the power of the Dubstep Wub into an Electro Anthem. For Bear Grillz, though, dancing dirty always leads to outward displays of his hypersexuality. Following “Get Down” is the irresistibly Twerkable “Bend It Over Gurl”, a scorching collaboration with recent Ninja Nation tour mate ETC! ETC! No one will ever truly know the subject of those late night conversations between Bear Grillz and ETC! ETC!, but if “Bend It Over Gurl” is the immediate audio aftermath, then it doesn’t take an incredible leap of logic to generate some credible theories. A phenomenal talent in his own right, ETC! ETC! provides his personal style and production prowess to another of Bear Grillz’ dance floor bangers.

With support from the young bass genius Trollphace, “Marijuana” rounds out the set. The track takes the classic Raggae vibe and supercharges it. It’s a style Bear Grillz has perfected, and the result is a hands-in-the-air festival anthem.

The track listing for Bear Grillz & Friends Volume 2 is:

1. Bear Grillz & Getter – “EDM”
2. Bear Grillz & DJ BL3ND – “Get Down”
3. Bear Grillz & ETC! ETC! – “Bend It Over Gurl”
4. Bear Grillz & Trollphace – “Marijuana”

For More information on Bear Grillz:

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For Press Inquiries, contact:

Lee Underwood
Publicity Manager I Firepower Records

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