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Hey Firepower Fam! As we prepare to release our monumental Firepower 200 release, we’ve decided to celebrate the project by chatting with one of the youngest and most promising talents we’ve had the pleasure of working with, Rettchit. Since his debut release on Firepower in 2017, Rettchit has come to fine tune his sound and really make a name for himself in the industry with his speaker busting tracks. At only 21 years old, Rettchit is quickly proving the sky is the limit! To learn a little bit more about the young producer behind the mask, check out the interview below!

What does it mean to you to be a part of the Firepower 200 release?

To me, being on Firepower 200 is unbelievable. I never thought I’d be signed, to begin with, let alone the label featuring one of my releases as an all-time favorite. I am honored and humbled to be a part of the label’s history!

How did you initially get involved with Firepower?

Initially, I started by submitting to the labels demo email in 2015. One day they replied saying that I had good tracks but needed to work on my mix downs. In 2017, I met Zetta online and we became really good friends and he kind of became my teacher! We then worked on our collaboration “Sedona” that was later released on Shellshock Annihilation, as my first official Firepower Records release.

Your track “I.D.” is on the release. What was the production of approach for this track like?

Honestly, I never really liked “I.D.” because I felt it wasn’t up to par with some of my other tunes at the time. I started it from playing this game Crysis. As I was playing the game, I heard a voice say “Warning” in a really cool robotic tone. The game can be fairly fast-paced, so I made “I.D.” mid-tempo. I first started the intro and built the rest entirely around that while trying to visualize the game within my sounds. The track took about 3 to 4 months to finish because I’d get writer’s block constantly on it when I went to Zetta for some help. He threw the third drop together with my sounds, then did a quick master for me.

Where do you see the future of bass music progressing and how do you think Firepower will play a part in that?

I feel that the bass music industry will definitely grow. But to be completely honest, I can’t imagine what all could happen with it in the future. With the right support and the constant releases of massive tunes, Firepower will remain as one of the best labels out there by far. I plan on sticking around for a long while, so I’ll be here to help build the label, too!

Do you have any advice to share with up and coming producers?

This is a pretty common question I get from many upcoming producers. The biggest thing is that you need a strong brand that makes you different from everyone else – something that makes you unique, but also something fans can connect with. The second thing, is you have to have music that matches your brand entirely while keeping every release constant with “your sound”. For example, Kompany uses the same methods within his work and you can hear when his track is played just by the way it flows and sounds. After that, all I’d have to say is that you have to make friends, not fans. Every supporter is family to me, so I make sure to reach out and reply to everyone I can!

What’s next for Rettchit in 2019?

I’m not quite sure what’s to come in 2019 yet, but I feel this year will be big for growth. I’ll be working extra hard on new music and hopefully giving everyone a first look at the new merch my team and I have been working on. Plus, of course, playing shows here and there with hopefully a few festivals!


Check out Rettchit’s latest release “Firepower 200” here:  LISTEN/DOWNLOAD