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Firepower has recruited a new foot soldier to the ranks, and we have every intention of deploying him to the front lines where the heaviest beats are blasting dance floors to pieces. John Phelps, AKA Jphelpz, is known for creating heavy Dubstep smashers with his own variety of robotic, mechanical sounds melded with the darker and swampier elements of bass music. On June 24th, Firepower will release his much-anticipated EP Living Dead, a four-track barrage of bass with enough artillery to awaken the once-living.

Heavily influenced by the musical styling of Getter and Funtcase, Jphelpz brings a terrifying edge to Dubstep production. The first track on the EP, “Summon the Dead”, offers a scorching pre-emptive attack on the mental faculties and continues, execution style, through “Brains”, a classic Dub collaboration with the always impressive Algorethym. The third track, “Necromancer”, is a straight buzzsaw through the braincase. Jphelpz’s emphasis on heavily mechanized synths is an obvious attempt to entrance the dead from the grave. When you get to “Living Dead”, it’s already too late. You’re trapped and have to fight your way out. It’s a fight worth having, though; the reward is a barrage of bass so heavy it will leave you zombified.

The complete track listing for Living Dead is below:

1. Jphelpz – “Summon the Dead”
2. Jphelpz & Algorethym – “Brains”
3. Jphelpz – “Necromancer”
4. Jphelpz – “Living Dead”

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