(Los Angeles) March 23rd Firepower Record’s own JPhelpz is back with an insane new EP that will smash any expectations previously set by the release of his Living Dead EP last year. With Mech Bounce, JPhelpz has clearly hit his stride. Due out April 14th, the EP is advanced both technically and stylistically, and it reveals a bass artist who has matured and flourished in this new era of Hip-Hop and Dubstep crossovers.

The first track on the EP, “Armshouse” featuring the talented UK lyricist Merky Ace, is a fantastic example of old school Dubstep wordsmithing paired with the new stylings of JPhelpz’ take on Bass-Hop. The track is heavy, and it’s worth speculating whether or not Jphelpz is going to force speaker companies to update their output capabilities. But “Armshouse” artfully balances the vocals with the bass-forward production, and the result is a Hip Hop track strapped to the back of a nuclear bomb. It goes off big.

“Money, Music, Fam” continues with the Bass-Hop crossover, and he clearly makes his Bass the centerpiece of the track. JPhelpz has discovered a way to use bass not simply as a ubiquitous key component to a track but as an instrument itself. JPhelpz’ bass has a range and pitch that he utilizes like any synth component. This makes the tracks on this EP much more dynamic. The bass-as-centerpiece philosophy is evident in “Shadow Sword”, too, and he features it prominently by keeping the track minimal. One of the signs of an expert talent is the recognition that quality is more important than quantity. In “Shadow Sword”, there are three main sound elements: the spine-tingling laser synth, the bass, and minute variation on the snare, that, when listened to carefully, sounds the way a head being severed from the body must sound.

“Trill”, the last track on the EP, dips into a Twerk rhythm, and offers up a buffet of rage. This is JPhelpz showing off. He’s clearly mastered his genres, but, not content with operating within them, he crushes the recognized genres by melding them all together. “Trill” is a Frankenstein dance floor monster.

The Tracklist for Mech Bounce is:

1. JPhelpz – “Armshouse” (Featuring Merky Ace)
2. JPhelpz – “ Money, Music, Fam”
3. JPhelpz – “ Shadow Sword”
4. JPhelpz – “Trill”

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