This week, we have 12th Hour jumping in the Firepower Hotseat. With a humble spirit and a vicious tenacity when it comes to his work, 12th Hour has proven that a sustained commitment to hard work will ultimately see you through to success. With his EP The Return dropping on Firepower Records on September 9th, we couldn’t be more stoked to welcome 12th Hour into the Firepower Family. To prepare for the release, 12th Hour dropped by and did a guest mix for our Lock and Load mix series, and it’s wicked AF. So read up, get to know him, then rage out to his mix. Like, share, and repost. It’ll make us happy 🙂

So stoked to have you on FP! You put a ton of hard work in. Describe the path you took to get to a point where you are releasing an EP on Firepower Records?

Thank you! I’m so stoked to be a part of the team. So the road getting here took a lot of time and focus. I sent in a couple Demos to Firepower. I used to make a completely different type of music — more of a Robostep kind of feel — and Datsik saw potential where I couldn’t. He told me to try something different but didn’t tell me exactly what to make. So I took this and tried some different styles of music, more melodic, more of a style I can reach a larger spectrum of people with. So I sent in some songs. Datsik really liked this new style I started but it still wasn’t quite there. So back to the drawing board. This is when I reached out to an already good friend of mine, Skyloud, who recently started a new alias Zetta which was Him and Deltabot. We Skyped for the entire collaboration of Ice Shield and they taught me a lot about creating this style of music I was doing but needed an extra push. So after the Flatline release of “IceShield”, I had a bigger arsenal of tools and new information about sound design and just actual production. I sent in a new Demo, and that’s when I got the green light on a 4 track EP. I was so excited about this that I finished the EP within a couple months. Every track I sent in was accepted. It was a huge change in sound from what I was originally doing, but I have to say I’m really enjoying this new style of 12th Hour! That being said this was about a year in the making, and I hope other artists keep pushing to reach their goals!

How do you see your sound evolving after this release?

So after the release I think I will continue with this style I have been doing for the past 6 months, I’m going to work on some new sound design, I think that is the biggest thing I am going to work on, evolving the 12th Hour sound even more, as well as come up with some really interesting bass patterns and longer drops. I’m really excited to see what the future of my new style will bring and I hope my fans and peers are also!

If you wanted to create the world’s worst mashup, what two songs would you put together?

The worst mash up? haha! This is a pretty unique question, I’d half to go with Iggy – “Team”, and Rebecca Black – “Friday”, I’m laughing just thinking about how this would sound. Lets go Team Friday! At least the mashup title works! I have 3 sisters, I hear a lot of music I’d never listen to on my own haha.

If the firepower crew came by for a visit to your home, what awesome dish would you insist we eat?

Definitely our Pizza. My dad owns two pizza places and that is actually my full time job, running one of the stores. So if the squad came over, I’d make, hands down the best pizza they ever had. And might as well throw in our home made pasta, cant forget the drinks too!

What’s your life philosophy in 5 words?

This is a questions I’ve never been asked but lets see if I can put this in 5 words.  Stay Humble, put in work.   Coming from a family where I had a job waiting for me and didn’t have to graduate from college to start making money for myself, I’ve never beat my chest about it.  This goes with every aspect in someones life, put in your work and stay humble on the road to success.