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savage nature

(Los Angeles) March 16th Firepower Records is set to release another scorching collaboration between Israel’s legendary bad-mouthed bass cannon Obscenity and Spain’s Dubstep Phenom Eh!de. Savage Nature is an apt title for this 4-track EP, and each song is designed to ignite some deep and primitive impulses to rage.

“Our Power” bolts out of the gate seething with intensity and sets the tone for the rest of the EP. The track guides us in with a heavy sub-bass-synth-section, and then releases the heat. The rolling Dubstep bassline carries a sinister melody over the top. It’s the kind of production technique that rallies dancefloors and sparks the need for a round of head-banging. The title track, “Savage Nature”, continues with these production stylings and feeds the beasts of bass with an intense synth melody that sears its imprint into you.

“Dubbydo”, named after the triumphant yawl of everyone’s favorite crime fighting cartoon dog, Scooby Doo, marches hard with an arsenal of machine-gun and video game synth melodies. Rounding out the EP is “Creature”, and it’s loaded to the brim with filth. The sub-bass is sustained through the track, and the production techniques shift to allow for a much heavier foot-on-the-throat style.

Tracklisting for Savage Nature:

1. Eh!de & Obscenity – “Our Power”
2. Eh!de & Obscenity – “Savage Nature”
3. Eh!de & Obscenity – “Dubbydoo”
4. Eh!de & Obscenity – “Creature”

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Lee Underwood
Publicity Manager I Firepower Records

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  1. Agreed if its not good it will be a major setback for eh!de. Man I cant wait to hear the drops!!!
    #better be good

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