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Los Angeles (May 15th, 2018) – Firepower Records is thrilled to announce the forthcoming release of 8Er$’ The Golden Axe EP, and it’s absolutely loaded with a diverse range of set list weapons, from deep bass to bass house. Hailing from Lyon, France, 8Er$ has been crushing the international dance music scene since 2013. With a slew of heavy hitters released on some of most respected labels in the game, and a stellar remix for ATLien’s “Alchemy” that went supersonic right out of the gate, 8Er$ has produced for us an EP that is superior in every way that matters.

The first tune on the EP is “Awesome”. Arriving to your earholes by way of a heavy Riddim buildup, the tune then drops you into a bass abyss where filthy synths slice and chop their way through the tune. 8Er$ brings us expertly into his sonic soundscape by focusing on the subtle details of design that turn the track into a finely crafted banger.

“RRR” is a Bass House weapon. It’s funky where it needs to be, and deep, wonky, and wubby everywhere else. The track goes hard, and it offers a refreshing shift away from the darker tones of the EP. 8Er$’ influences are diverse, and he has never allowed himself to simmer within any one genre. This tune demonstrates his interest in the whole dance music palette, and the talent and production skill required to produce “RRR” reveals a producer with a complex relationship to music engineering. Bottom line, the tune will sufficiently froth up a dance floor.

Speaking of complexity, 8Er$ brings in Holly to collaborate on “Flushin”, and the result is a low decibel deep bass masterpiece. 8Er$’ trip hop influences clearly hold a place at the table here, and it’s possible to imagine this tune occupying a prominent position on the set lists of deep bass artists like Space Jesus and Liquid Stanger. The tune is sinister, and the sub bass demolishes your guts. It’s perfect.

In the title track “Golden Axe”, 8Er$ puts everything together, including his final homage to the 1989 16 bit Sega System game “Golden Axe”. With an initial Trapstyle beat that builds into a massive Riddim roller, the tune employs familiar video game samples that spike the listener’s blood with a dose of nostalgia. But it’s the double threat of a slicing synth that seems to sheer off the top of your head and the insane wall of sound he creates that eventually pulverizes your soul to dust.


The Tracklist for The Golden Axe is:

  1. 8Er$ – “Awesome”
  2. 8Er$ – “RRR”
  3. 8Er$ & Holly – “Flushin”
  4. 8Er$ – “Golden Axe”


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