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Los Angeles (September 25th, 2017) – Firepower Records is thrilled to announce the forthcoming release of Tank Parade’s Who The F**k is Tank Parade? EP. It’s a good question, who the f**k is Tank Parade? Although he’s a relative newcomer to the bass music world, Tank Parade’s creative vision, high intensity productions, and masterful sound design techniques continue to increase his dance floor body count. This EP is already becoming a jewel in the Firepower Catalogue, and Tank Parade is just getting started. Welcome to the Fam!

“Heata” begins the EP, and it’s a big ol’ dub buffet. Classic dub stylings permeate the build-up, causing an onslaught of good-vibe feels. As the drop hits, though, Tank Parade opens up the big gun and blows the roof off. The tune is heavy and scathing and each section adds a level of nastiness that builds upon the section before it. This is ripper, plain and simple.

“Nerds” rolls out with a sinister series of piercing dub-synth constructions that build into massive Riddim rollers. The track charges along unchallenged, smashing headfirst into the audio soundscape. Here is Tank Parade at his finest. He employs an arsenal of diverse sounds to reveal a producer on the brink of a major bass music breakthrough.

“Firestarter” goes big early and does not let up, and combined with the classic dub rhythm, the tune resurrects a beloved musical tradition, polishes it off, and adds a 120mm cannon to the top. A sinister melody scorches across the top of an absolutely filthy beat designed to turn audiences into little piles of rubble.

With “Pull Up”, Tank Parade pushes bass music to its limits. Designed with the main stage in mind, this tune cannot be contained. From nightmarish synth sections to the hard-as-nails beat, there isn’t a speaker system in the world that won’t have trouble pumping all the sound in the tune through. That’s probably a good thing—“Pull Up” unhindered may cause actual physical damage to any free-standing structures.

The Tracklisting for Who The F**k Is Tank Parade? is:

  1. Take Parade – “Heata”
  2. Tank Parade – “Nerds”
  3. Tank Parade – “Firestarter”
  4. Tank Parade – “Pull Up”


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