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Firepower Records is thrilled to release Swiss producer Rob Gasser’s new EP Stars Fall Down on October 26th. The EP is a scorcher, which isn’t surprising given how talented Rob Gasser is. He’s been sending his blissful, euphoric bass cannons into outer space for some time now and his phenom-level production ability and his dual emphasis on emotional uplift and bass destruction will leave you in a puddle of molten lava on the dance floor.

First up is the title track “Stars Fall Down”. Rob Gasser builds things up with before slamming the listener back down to the ground. The bouncy, joyful topline delivers the listener right into the jaws of a massive Riddim beast hungry for your raver soul.

For “Out of Sight”, Rob Gasser teams up with fellow Firepower recording artist The Brig for an all-out audio onslaught. Again, the blissful chord development mixed with the heavy bass drops throws the listener into a kind of musical paradox—the sweet major chord tonalities infect your being while at the same time pitching the listener into a chaotic frenzy. It’s exactly the kind of tune you want to lose your mind to.

“Love is Over” sneaks its way into your heart early and doesn’t let go. The tune is massive, and it’s clear the best way to experience it is through a PK Sound Festival set up. Rob Gasser constructs a powerful wall of sound interrupted only by brief interludes of clever harmonies, which work to emphasize the bass bomb that drops immediately after.

Squaring out the EP is “Mayhem”—a robust collaboration with Prismatic. Prismatic demonstrated his production chops recently with a punishing EP release with Firepower Records, and his sound comes through here, too. But it’s Rob Gasser’s vision that leads the way, and once he establishes his quintessentially rapturous tone of the tune, the listener is immediately pulverized into little specs of rave dust. Great way to go, if you ask us.


The tracklist for Stars Fall Down is:

  1. Rob Gasser – “Stars Fall Down”
  2. Rob Gasser & The Brig – “Out of Sight”
  3. Rob Gasser – “Love is Over”
  4. Rob Gasser & Prismatic – “Mayhem”


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