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Firepower Recordsis incredibly excited to announce the release of PredaKore’s Smite AllEP on April 19th, 2019. Since starting his journey into the production world at only 11 years old, PredaKore has come to make his name known to the masses with his unique production style and keen ear for all things heavy. Following his contributions to Firepower Records’ Flatline series on volumes 8 and 11, the budding producer is ready to showcase his very own 4 track EP aptly titled, Smite All.

Right from the start, PredaKore lays the groundwork for Smite All by opening up “Dismantle”with an ominous intro before moving into a beefy drop with heavy mech influenced drum kicks. “Dismantle” makes for a straight up floor stomper with a pulverizing bassline that aims for destruction with two sucker punching drops. Next up, the title track “Smite All” showcases a retro inspired synth introduction that builds curiosity before serving up a gnarly bassline drizzled with high pitched synths that come together for this annihilating track.

The next track, “Shatter,” hints at high energy just over the horizon with a mean guitar riff effortlessly paired with an escalating drum kick before easing its way into a pulverizing drop that takes control of your senses with two high impact drops. Polishing off the project is the suitably titled “Rekt,”which aims to leave you in a daze of destruction. Teasing with a technically precise future synth influenced introduction “Rekt” gets right to the business with a high energy bassline that’s sure to get you moving with its sizzling bassline that packs a delightful punch with each drop.


The tracklisting for ‘Smite All’ EP is:

  1. PredaKore – “Dismantle”
  2. PredaKore – “Smite All”
  3. PredaKore – “Shatter”
  4. PredaKore – “Rekt”


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