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Los Angeles (September 6th, 2017) – Firepower Records is set to release Hi I’m Ghost’s scorching new EP Slumber Party on September 29th, and if you were afraid there’s been a dearth of innovative sounds designs in bass music lately, this EP will set you straight. The boys from Hi I’m Ghost are massively talented, infinitely innovative, and are not afraid to push bass music to its breaking point. Their obsession with dance music drove them into the lab a few years ago to produce the next generation of Bass Music masterpieces. All signs indicate Hi I’m Ghost is on a meteoric rise through the ranks of dance music’s brightest newcomers. The way this is going, it’ll be hard to catch them. But, in the words of Hi I’m Ghost, “The ghosts you chase, you never catch.”

The first tune on the EP, “Das Fuego”, is the definition of a face-melter. Hi I’m Ghost constructs a wall of sound so thick, Game of Thrones stole the designs for their show. A mind-numbing synth rips through the track, which lays over the top of a Riddim beat so aggressive it’ll snap your headphones in two. “Da Fuego” should really come with a Surgeon General’s warning.

Pray For Me” makes mincemeat of any Dubstep tune in recent memory. Packed to capacity with filthy sound constructions and samples, the track goes hard from the start and does not let up. The first drop is pulverizing, and the audience is cracked open with a frenetic round of synth sections that scrambles your eggs and eats them for breakfast.

Hi I’m Ghost pull up the classic Dub Reggae filth from the deep with “Boi” and re-engineers it like a couple of Frankensteins in the lab. Place a set of jet engine on your favorite reggae head-nodder and you’ll come close to knowing what this tune sounds like. Hi I’m Ghost prove that a classic doesn’t have to die on the alter of the new.

Uh-Oh” crashes into your world with an intoxicating piano section—the tone is set. But as the drop approaches, you realize the tune is going to let you have it right in the gut. And it does. But the gorgeous piano topline never truly leaves you, and as a result, the track is highly addictive. The soundscape Hi I’m Ghost creates is beautiful, but like everything beautiful, there’s a filthy side.

The Tracklisting for Slumber Party is:

1. Hi I’m Ghost – “Das Fuego”
2. Hi I’m Ghost – “Pray For Me”
3. Hi I’m Ghost – “Boi”
4. Hi I’m Ghost – “Uh-Oh”

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