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Los Angeles (October 15th, 2018) – Firepower Records is beyond thrilled to announce the forthcoming release of SHARPS’ Madhouse EP on November 2nd. Hailing from Seattle, Washington, SHARPS has pushed his sinister sounds and maddening melodies around the bass music universe for some time. “Shut It Down”, his collaboration with TYNAN and featuring Sam King went big and solidified SHARPS’ place on the rolls of bass music’s next generation of badasses. With a full menu of tasty bombs, deep cuts, and full-on neck breakers, Madhouse will earn its place on your setlist.

“Sinister” lures you in politely with a gorgeous melodic entrance, but it doesn’t take long before the murderous beats lurking in the corners bombard the tune. A once pleasant jaunt through the funhouse transforms into a nightmare journey through the madhouse, and the only way out is to ride this Riddim Roller to the rails and bang that head.

The second tune is “Mad”, and it’s haunting. SHARPS delivers a deep, dark, and doleful take on dubsyle, and it bangs. He seems to thrive in this neighborhood of bass music, and loading his tunes with detailed sound samples is a skill he’s mastered many times over. The sub-bass alone will carve sonic canyons through dancefloors. The tune is festival ready.

DISTO joins SHARPS for “Charge”, and the tune goes hard. Suffused with a massive wall of sound and a series of precipitous drops, the tune is designed to pummel crowds into submission. A heavy metal guitar riff leads the track forward, injecting a crossover vibe. It’s perfect.

Squaring out the EP is “Trumpets”. SHARPS samples the infectious sound of a forlorn Trumpet for this tune, and balances it against a heavier head-nodic beat structure. The result is a satisfying musical interlude that will make you want to dance with your jaina and head bang at the same time.


The track list for Madhouse is:

  1. SHARPS – “Sinister”
  2. SHARPS – “Mad”
  3. SHARPS & DISTO – “Charge”
  4. SHARPS – “Trumpets”


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