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Los Angeles – Firepower Recordsis set to release Rob Gasser’s scorching new EP Magickon October 25th, with the single “Hex”dropping on October 18th. Hailing from Switzerland, Rob Gasser has been a valued member of the Firepower Family for a long time, with numerous collabs and remixes with firepower artists like Chime, Prismatic, and Fox Stevenson, and his skullcrushing label release, Stars Fall Down,last year. With nearly a decade of consistent and disciplined music production experience, Rob Gasser’s sharp and technical sound is the work of a veteran fully in control of his skillset.

The first tune off of the EP is a collaboration with another Firepower Family member, The Brig, called “Delirium”. The track leads with a cheerful melody, offering the listening a soundscape like a digital dream. But as the drop hits, the dream ends and the headbanging begins. “Delirium” is designed to draw from the listener a disparate mix of emotion and then compound them all together with a heavy Bass breakdown. And it works.

“Banshee”moves in with a haunting and nostalgic take on an alternative Rock beat structure. Airy and ethereal, Rob Gasser sweeps us away only to slam us back down to the ground. A nasty Riddim section pummels the listener again and again, and it’s the type of punishment any serious basshead would welcome.

The single from the EP is “Hex”and it’s immediately clear Rob Gasser meant to wreck necks with this one. The cinematic sound design that blooms through the introduction brings the listener to a place of peace and calm. But he’s consistent with his production philosophy here, and as soon as the listener is comfortable simmering in the tranquility of the introduction, Rob Gasser rips us out of it. It’s exactly this kind of emotional experimentation that makes this tune so enjoyable. Play this out on a festival mainstage and watch your audience lose their collective minds.


The Tracklisting for Magick is:

  1. The Brig & Rob Gasser – “Delirium”
  2. Rob Gasser – “Banshee”
  3. Rob Gasser – “Hex”


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