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(Los Angeles) June 18th Firepower Records is set to release Bass Music heavy-hitter Protohype’s scorching new EP The Dog House on July 7th, and the level of pure energy this 5-track EP punches is mind-blowing. With festival season properly underway, tracks from The Dog House have already become weapons of choice by DJ’s dead-set on obliterating dance floors around the world.

Take the first track on the EP, “Let’s Go” featuring Armanni Reign. Protohype brings Trap master and bass bombardier Paper Diamond on as collaborator, and the result is a full-on audio assault. Starting the EP this way makes a bold statement; Protohype’s previous EP, Encore, which Firepower released last summer, featured a menu of straight Dubstep bruisers. Moving his work to encompass different styles shows how wide a net Protohype has cast in the name of progression.

“Rage”, Protohype’s scorcher featuring Mikey Ceasar, takes the same tack. It’s a unique skill among members of the Firepower Family to create massive tracks with intense walls of sound built in while also balancing gnarly throw-down hip hop lyricism over the top. That’s exactly what Protohype and Mikey Caesar bring to table with this track. Designed for a peak-hour dose of mind-f**kery, “Rage” let’s loose with a series of intense rolling synth arrangements that fills every millimeter of the listener’s consciousness like some sinister psychological experiment. You’ll be left with the irresistible desire to follow Mikey Caesar’s advice and rage. This ethos is also present in his collaboration with HeRobust. “Bomb Bomb” utilizes influences from Moombahton, Dubstep, and Trap to create an ostensibly traditional track hiding several layers of complexity beneath. The beat is hyperactive and fluctuates between styles. The result is an infectious body rocker.

But Protohype’s roots run deep, and he makes sure to round out the EP with a homage to traditional Dubstep, at least for a brief moment. For “STFU”, Protohype tapped the world famous Far East Movement to collaborate, and the result is a satisfying Dubstep crusher. A sustained sub-bass pummels the listener to the ground, and we’re reminded of the Protohype from years past. Wrapping it all up is “Ultimate Punch”, which calls on the unique talents of another Firepower Recording Artist, Init. The track toggles back and forth between retooled and re-energized Dubstep and Trap beat structures while toying with a wild-west cinema soundtrack. It hits hard, though, as expected from two artists known for TKO-ing dancefloors around the world.

The tracklisting for The Dog House is:

1. Protohype & Paper Diamond – “Let’s Go” (feat. Armanni Reign)
2. Protphype & HeRobust – “Bomb Bomb”
3. Protohype – “Rage” (feat. Mikey Caesar)
4. Protohype & Far East Movement – “STFU”
5. Protohype & Init – “Ultimate Punch”

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