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Los Angeles (June 13th, 2018) – Firepower Records is set to release Prismatic’s forthcoming Mad Famous EP on June 29th, and the level of filth comprising this project is next level. A master of his technique, Prismatic’s creative, wide-ranging, take-no-prisoners approach to bass music is just what we need right. Let this Baltimore native melt your face. C’mon, it’ll be fun!

The first tune on the EP is “Mad Famous” featuring Lui, and it jumps right out of the gate. Prismatic has an ear for melody and employs it here in the build-up. The result is the deployment of a sinister soundscape that leads to an unbelievably brutal drop. This tune is set to be mad famous.

“Wormhole” demonstrates Prismatic’s superior sound design technique. The track is loaded with detail and it all coalesces together perfectly against the heavy beat structure. As he moves in and out of the tracks various sections, he leaves just enough room for our melody-loving brains to vibe, but he might as well be driving us off a cliff, like bass music’s Thelma & Louise, straight into the abyss of headbang canyon.

Prismatic and Tetrix Bass come together with “Fuse”, and this track is a nuclear bomb blast. Each section offers a fresh take and spans the range of the bass music universe. Leading with the heavy Dubstep structures we love, it shifts into a face-melting Riddim section, which increases the already pulverizing nature of the tune. DJs beware, you’ve got a dance floor weapon on your hands.

Wrapping up the EP is “Badman”. Borrowing heavily from the traditional genre of Dub Reggae, Prismatic takes the riddim-ready and thoroughly intoxicating dub stylings and transforms them into a nasty head banger. Prismatic equips the tune with an up-swinging synth that will bore its way into your head and never leave. Like many memorable tunes before it, this track will become a mainstay of set lists into the foreseeable future.


The tracklist for Mad Famous is:

  1. Prismatic – “Mad Famous” (feat. Lui)
  2. Prismatic – “Wormhole”
  3. Prismatic & Tetrix Bass – “Fuse”
  4. Prismatic – “Badman”


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