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Firepower Recordsis set to release Viperactive’s 5 track EP No Man’s Landon September 27th, and the project is a veritable armory of incendiary audio ordinances perfect for clubs and festival main stages. The EP ranges widely across the bass music universe revealing this Chandler, Arizona native’s expansive creative vision. From deep experimental beats to potent rail smashers, Viperactive calls upon his experience as a Heavy Metal drummer and seamlessly engineers pulverizing beat sections and sweeping cinematic soundscapes into his tunes. The result is a diverse arsenal of battle tested dance floor weapons.

“Backfire”and “The Haunt”both open up to an emotive melodic soundscape, but, as the drops hit, it’s clear Viperactive intends to push his experimental bass chops to the limit. These tracks expertly balance the euphoric with the ominous and become clever choices for any DJ looking to rearrange the collective consciousnesses of their audience.

“Get Yeeted”sets the tone with a haunting piano arrangement that is as foreboding as it is intoxicating. Viperactive injects this tune with a hardcore BPM making this tune a massive crowd igniter. But in a stroke of production genius, he also constructs a seething heavy bass section which reorganizes the vibe and contributes the track’s tricky experimentalism.

“Fallout”goes all in by pushing a scorching wall of sound through the track. A Riddim-based beat smashes along without remorse and Viperactive engineers another one of his menacing melodies over the top. As the EP comes to it’s close with “OG”we are treated to all the ferocity Viperactive has in his arsenal. A piercing synth scorches through the track and the audience is pummeled with a filthy bass-heavy beat that will rattle the teeth from your head. This EP is a must-have for the dark days of the oncoming Fall and Winter festival season.


The tracklist for No Man’s Landis:

  1. Viperactive – “Backfire”
  2. Viperactive – “Get Yeeted”
  3. Viperactive – “The Haunt”
  4. Viperactive – “Fallout”
  5. Viperactive – “OG”


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