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Los Angeles (June 26th, 2018) – Firepower Records will release Nato Feelz’ forthcoming EP It Don’t Stop on July 13th, and we are stoked to have him back slinging heat. His methodical and systematic approaches to bass music have led to numerous high profile accolades and crowd favorites including the Bassrush premiere of “Bad Bitch”, which was released on our Flatline Compilation Volume 5, and his 2017 release of the All I Do Ep, which still resonates on the bass music Richter scale. Nato Feelz’ sound design is heavily informed by his successful career as a soundscape designer for the film industry. His music reveals an artist who understands not only critical sound design philosophy, but how sound and emotion interact. It Don’t Stop unifies Nato Feelz’ skills, bringing them together in an absolute mind-melter of an EP.

The title track, “It Don’t Stop”, is a perfect example of Nato Feelz’ wide ranging skill set and attention to detail when it comes to bass music production. An expertly blended intro builds to a massive drop, where a mind-melting wall of sound pummels your whole essence. A tricked out drum-step beat turns the tune into an authentic head banger, and it’s easy to see this tune lodging itself into the biggest festival sets of the summer.

“Woah” showcases Nato Feelz portfolio as both an audio engineer and bass music sound experience shaman. The tune slows down into a deeply penetrating exploration of sub basement sound. Deep and thick, this quasi-trap tune balances the lowest of the lows with a crystal clear topline. The rumble undergirding this tune is so deep and powerful it’s unclear whether audiences will lose their minds or their lunch first.

Finally, “Crazy” takes us to the Mainstage. A wildly euphoric Trance topline opens the tune and drops the listener into the depths of the Headbang abyss. With major bass music artists emphasizing the more emotional potential of bass music recently, this tune will hit the audience in all the right spots. Filthy when it needs to be, the track guides us through the multiple levels of the bass face topography. Do not make the mistake of leaving this off your set list this summer.


The Tracklist for It Don’t Stop is:

  1. Nato Feelz – “It Don’t Stop”
  2. Nato Feelz – “Woah”
  3. Nato Feela – “Crazy”


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