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LOS ANGELES (October 22nd, 2014) Firepower Records is thrilled to welcome newcomers Lazer Lazer Lazer and Helix High to the Firepower Family, and on November 4th, their EP The Masterplan, will drop like a hammer.

With an unflinching tenacity, Firepower Records label boss, Datsik, has launched a campaign to prove that good bass music comes in multiple forms, including mind numbing, face-melting Electro House. Lazer Lazer Lazer and Helix High not only prove that philosophy, but they destroy the pre-packaged expectations of what’s possible in bass production with this heavier-than-a ton-of-bricks program of Hard Electro.

Lazer Lazer Lazer and Helix High may be newcomers, but they are not new to the game. The two acts came together with a plan to demolish Festival Sound systems. This is clear from the title track, “The Masterplan”, which immediately initiates the listener by throwing them into the deep end without a life jacket. The track is expertly layered and detailed, which shows an intelligence that goes beyond a simple amateur grasp of production techniques. “The Masterplan” is creative, lively, and bone-crushing. These characteristics show up in “Lazer Pistols & Superheroes” and “Mr. Crackspider”. Both pay lip service to our infatuation with viral media, but they make the listener rage in the process. Every second of these tracks is packed to the brim with sound. They put the pressure on quick and never let off.

One of the unique features of the EP is that both Lazer Lazer Lazer and Helix High each offer an original single that displays their unique production personalities. LLL’s “Raze and Eraze” provides a glimpse into the more jagged and aggressive Heavy Metal-esque attitude of the crew. Helix High’s single, “Flying Machines”, on the other hand displays the Progressive soul of the producer. The track benefits from euphoric synths—which form the backbone of the melody—but it drops off a cliff just before a mind-splitting buzzsaw and bouncy bass-line takes the track home.

The Tracklisitng for The Masterplan is:

1. Lazer Lazer Lazer & Helix High – “The Masterplan”
2. Lazer Lazer Lazer & Helix High – “Lazer Pistols & Super Heroes”
3. Lazer Lazer Lazer & Helix High – “Mr. Crackspider”
4. Lazer Lazer Lazer – “Raze & Eraze”
5. Helix High – “Flying Machines”

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