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(Los Angeles) December 4th Firepower Records prides itself on bringing quality talent into the fold, and on December 16th, Kayzo will be initiated into the Firepower family.

Born in Houston, Texas and raised in different cities across the US, 23-year-old Hayden Capuozzo spent most of his early life absorbing the different sounds and styles of famous world musicians. Under the professional guise of Kayzo, Hayden managed to use his study of the great musical talents of the past to fuel his present passion for electronic music. By turning that passion into a full-fledged career, he is able to infuse his productions with musical diversity and bring a unique flair to dance floors across the globe.

Where other musicians are resisting the urge to branch out into differing styles, Kayzo is constantly reaching back to past Dance Music classics to find different styles to master and create new styles that no one has ever tried. His two originals on the EP, “Fired Up” featuring the gorgeous songstress Nina Sung and “Visions”, utilizes a clever combination of ultra-melodic, almost euphoric, toplines and chainsaw drops that balance themselves against each other. The result is an audio assault on the mind, body, and soul. Running through each, though, is a distinct throwback vibe, where sounds you would have heard in dance classics of the early 2000’s make an appearance in an entirely new and exciting way.

Fired Up” gets remix treatments from both Synchronice and Fawks, who each, then, turn the track into a new classic emotional dance music masterpiece. Synchronice sees the musical world through a much more optimistic and soulful Dubstep lens, and, as a result, the track soars to the stratosphere and threatens take your heart with it. Fawks’ remix invites us into the wonderful world of Drum and Bass, and his take on the track is nothing short of an all-hands-on-deck dance floor throw-down. By increasing the tempo and loading it with a massive wall of sound, Fawks takes us back to the days when uplifting Drum and Bass ruled the Peak Hours in festival sets. And this does exactly that. The “Fired Up” remixes will remind you why Dance Music ran away with your heart in the first place.

The track listing for Fired Up is:

1. Kayzo – “Fired Up” Feat. Nina Sung
2. Kayzo – “Fired Up” Feat. Nina Sung (Synchronice Remix)
3. Kayzo – “Fired Up” Feat. Nina Sung (Fawks Remix)
4. Kayzo – “Visions”

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