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Los Angeles (January 30th, 2018) – Firepower Records is set to release JPhelpz’ forthcoming EP Murk Em, and it’s an absolute heater. This will be JPhelpz 4th release with us, and each project reveals an artist continuing to perfect his technique as he searches for the perfect way to demolish crowds with sound. Murk Em is a sprawling exploration of bass music, but his signature mechanical sound design features prominently making this EP feel evolved, smarter, and designed to obliterate the masses.

The first track off the EP is “Murk Em” and it’s merciless. The introduction alone sounds like the battle march of an apocalyptic cyborg army, so when the drop hits, it’s all out battle. One of JPhelpz talents has always been his ability to create the visual through sound, and “Murk Em” is a perfect example of that.

“FVCK THVT” rolls out with a hard trap vibe and evolves into a sinister Mech Hop beast. JPhelpz has clearly reached a point in his production where he’s the master of his own style, and the detailed synth designs on this tune show a level of precision only the most highly skilled of audio assassins can claim.

In what might be the most refreshing evolution in his style over time, JPhelpz gifts us with “Say Gudnite”, a remarkably intoxicating bass house dance floor smasher. JPhelpz maintains his focus on the filthiest of mech sound designs here, but as he forges ahead with a four-on-the-floor beat, he reinvents the genre for his own murderous purposes.

Squaring out the EP is “Watch Me”, and it’s all business. Expertly crafted, terrifyingly rage-worthy, and a complete future classic, “Watch Me” throws down in all the ways a main stage festival showstopper should. The heavy Mech Hop beat pulses under a nasty wall of sound that seems to consume souls while Big Room sound design components make the tune big, robust, and deeply satisfying. JPhelpz’ has once again elevated himself to bass music’s elite.


The tracklist for Murk Em is:

  1. JPhelpz – “Murk Em”
  2. JPhelpz – “FUCK THVT”
  3. JPhelpz – “Say Gudnite”
  4. JPhelpz – “Watch Me”


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