We’re back with another Firepower Hotseat, the rotating interview series where we ask our artists some of the deep–and not so deep–questions you know you’re wishing you could ask. Today we have some uber talented Bass Music Bombardiers who go by the Nom de Guerre Zetta. The project spans the globe: one member lives in Brazil and the other Romania. It’s a truly global partnership, and it represents how massively influential bass music has become. With a mind-splitter of a track, “Ice Shield”, featured on our Flatline Vol. 3 compilation, Zetta is forging a name for themselves in the dance music world– and they have yet to graduate High School! Peep the interview, and then go stream and download their hard-as-nails guest mix for Firepower Record’s Lock and Load mix series.

There are two of you representing the force behind Zetta. How did this project come together?

This all started around October when I found Matt’s music on a Soundcloud recommendation. I made a “Spotlight” for him then we became friends, did few collabs on our own projects, and then we decided we should work more closely together.

“Ice Shield” is a crusher of a track, where’s the name from, and how does the name represent the sound?

Nothing really, lol. ‘Ice Shield’ was the name of the project and it was never meant to be the final track name haha! 12th Hour liked this name too so we just kept it this way.

What’s next for you? Where can we see you play next?

A lot of stuff is coming up from us next actually! We just finished our debut EP and already started this new massive second EP with our buddy 12th Hour. We plan to make a lot of music with friends from Firepower Records squad! Unfortunately, we can’t travel yet because we’re underage. If we got the chance to travel, we would love to travel all the world together.

If you were making a compilation for a person you were trying crush on, what would be the first song and why?

Spicy question you got there haha! I think we would put Sex Whales & Fraxo’s “Dead to Me”. Why? Just in case they cheat on us.

If there was a hostage situation and you could blast any song over a massive speaker system that would wear the Hostage taker down psychologically until they just finally gave up, what song would it be and why?

Definitely Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”! I think they would release us ASAP just to get home, get on YouTube, and like that song!