With the launch of our brand new website comes the introduction of brand new features and editorial content specifically designed to give you, the extended Firepower Fam, exclusive access to the artists. So, welcome to the Firepower Hotseat!

Each artist will answer 5 questions to best of their ability. Sometimes the questions will require an in-depth answer, and sometimes not. The artists do not know the questions ahead of time, so the answers might be a bit crazy. Hopefully, we’ll all get to know something about the Firepower Artists as we put their asses in Firepower Hotseat.

First up: Spag Heddy

Your EP, Gypsi Thug, is a melting pot of European Culture, from your name, Spag Heddy, to your self described love of pasta, to the title of the EP and the sound of the title track. How did you decide in the direction of this EP?

This EP contains both my classic and new sounds and arrangements. It’s the same ol’ cheesy Spag Heddy, but well-armed.

What are your top 5 pastas in descending order. 

1. Spaghetti 2. Conchiglie  3. Macaroni 4. Fusilli 5. Penne

If you could make a very special Spaghetti dinner for two famous people, living or dead, who would they be and why?

Scarlett Johansson because much wow and Jesus Christ because eternal spaghetti

When we think Dutch dance music, usually we think of the “Van Clan” (Van Dyke, Van Doorn, Van Reil, etc) and Big Room Progressive house. Does Bass music get overshadowed in the Netherlands? 

Big room and techno are definitely overshadowing bass music in NL. But there is a really solid underground bass music scene too, where D&B has always been the biggest and steadiest force. Not weird if you see we’ve got legends like Noisia and Black Sun Empire up our sleeves.

What are your top 3 guilty pleasure songs?

1. Darude – Sandstorm 2. Zebrahead – Postcards From Hell 3. Paul Potts – Nessun Dorma

Firepower Records will release Spag Heddy’s Scorching new EP Gypsi Thug on August 7th. Don’t Sleep on this!