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There’s been some weird paranormal shit going down in Australia. Reports of minds being abducted, faces melting on dancefloors, bodies thrown into convulsions that look, oddly enough, like aggressive headbanging. We looked into it. Turns out PhaseOne was DJing. Makes sense. His last few releases with Firepower Records have opened up blackholes in our office. The famous Firepower Records office cats are still missing! On July 8th, PhaseOne will drop his newest single, UFO, and we can not be held accountable for the consequences.

We got PhaseOne to sit on the hotseat and answer a few Questions. He also threw down as our Guest DJ for the next installment of the Lock And Load mix series. So, blast this mix across the universe, like, repost, share it with homies. Let’s let those extraterrestrials know we can rage hard.


Your new single UFO is insanity. What did you focus on with this release that was different than previous releases? 

The PhaseOne Brand as most would have seen/heard has a very space/galaxy centred motif, so I thought I’d delve into the extra-terrestrial side of that theme. I guess the difference is that I focused the sound design on an image, on what I thought a flying saucer would sound like in a musical fashion. You can hear the main fluttery bass in the drop is my representation. The entire song is one of the heaviest productions I’ve done, and I hope you all feel like you’re being invaded and probed while listening to it!

The bass music scene in Sydney is a pretty tight knit crew, but there are constant reports coming out about the recent dance music crackdowns. Has this affected the thriving bass music scene at all?

The nightlife has struggled immensely as a whole in Sydney due to the lock out laws that were enforced, but there are a few clubs & events which are still booking international bass acts, such as Chinese Laundry & Distortion, which are always a good time. I consider them part of the roots of my electronic musical career, so shout out to them!

If you were abducted and taken aboard a UFO, what do you expect to learn? 

We all know aliens make the best Dubstep, so I’d expect to learn how to produce better!

What is your favorite aussie word that we don’t use in the states?

The “C” word, strangely a lot more acceptable in Australia more so than anywhere else I’ve heard of.

I hear you have some tour dates in the states planned! Tell us about it, and also, can you come to the FP headquarters and splash around with us in the pool? 

I’m so excited! My US working visa was approved & I’ve signed with US talent agency ‘Warpath Group’ who are booking my debut US tour which is set for July & August. Going to do as many shows as I can! And yeah I suppose I’ll come for a swim.. only if I can cannonball though!