Welcome back to Firepower’s Hotseat series–the short, insightful, often embarrassing interview series where we force our recording artists to answer five questions ranging from serious to silly. This week we have the British bass bombardier Chime with us. His brand new EP From Fairies to Fire is set to drop on Firepower Records May 27th, and with an ear tuned towards the melodic and euphoric, we can see this EP becoming a staple in any serious bass DJ’s arsenal. Chime has also given us a guest mix for our Lock and Load mix series. So when you’re all through digging into the interview, like, listen, and repost the mix below.

Pre-Order Chimes From Fairies to Fire here: bit.ly/FFTFpre

We love good EP titles at Firepower Records. Tell us a bit about the title of the EP, From Fairies to Fire.

Well the EP is very much a step in the direction of a heavier sound to what people know me for, so I wanted to refer to that in the title. I also think it represents my signature style as a producer – I love to put light and dark elements together into single tracks and so the EP is named in reference to Skrillex’s “Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites” that originally inspired this style.

When it comes to producing music, do you have any work habits that you think are unusual?

I work well very late at night but I’m not sure if that’s particularly abnormal. I’ve got a feeling most producers are night owls. I go into a bit of a mode when I’m working where I shut everything out to concentrate really hard and when I stop I suddenly become exhausted like I’m having a hangover or a comedown. I guess music is my equivalent of drug use?

If a movie was made about you and your life, what famous actor would you want to play you and why?

Maybe Nicholas Hoult? He plays Beast in X-Men. I think he’d do well portray some of the weird aspects about me and he’s suitably nerdy looking.

What’s your biggest pet Peeve, the biggest thing that annoys you and why?

A lot of things annoy me! I’m actually a pretty grumpy person it turns out, although I switch between moods very quickly (a bit like my music). I’d say some of my biggest annoyances would definitely be my internet cutting out or my computer running slowly. Anything that disrupts my workflow.

What track are you jamming out to the most right now?

It’s very difficult to pick just one. I guess my Lock And Load mix should basically sum up everything I love right now but if I had to choose one track it’d have to be “Saloon” by Fox Stevenson. The catchiest Dubstep track I’ve heard in a long time!