We have a very special guest sitting in our Hotseat this week–AFK. He’s been a fixture in the Firepower Fam for years, and, on Friday, he’ll be dropping his new tune “Death Gun” on our Shellshock Kamikaze Compilation. AFK has also graced us with an absolute destroyer of a guest mix for our Lock and Load mix series. Make sure to stream it, hard. Neck braces suggested.

You’ve been a fixture in bass music for a while now. What’s a significant moment in your career when you feel you evolved the most as an artist?

Two of my best friends, Klint & Adam, started a management agency that I signed with a couple of a months ago.  Since then we’ve been working together everyday at my place.  Having a team around me that’s motivated and hyped about my music has been a game changer in my career and evolution as an artist.

When it comes to producing, are there certain conditions you just can not work under? Describe your ideal work environment.

Any studio with better monitors than mine would be ideal haha  Other than that, I just can’t stand having too many loud people around me.  A few is fine for feedback, other than that it’s too distracting.

Are you all about the artificial intelligence, or freaked out by it? Why?

I am all about the AI and welcome my AI overlords.  If they aren’t already here… I’m slightly convinced the real world is a simulation designed by machines lol

If you were asked to host a dinner party for 3 famous people alive or dead, who would they be and why? Followup: what would you cook?

David Choe, Joe Rogan, Bill Maher.  I have listened to each of them talk for hours and hours of my life and I feel like it would be a good time.  Imagining dead people at a dinner party makes me uncomfortable.  I would probably serve them chicken tenders 😉

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

My biggest pet peeve is people on their phones while we are trying to watch something of importance.  I.E. Game of Thrones watch parties at my place… I always gather everyone’s phones and hide them until the episode has concluded.

Mix Tracklist
1.  James Geary – Popsicle Vapestep (AFK x James Geary Flip)
2.  Warsongs – Welcome to Planet Urf (Jauz Remix)
3.  Jauz – League of Legends
4.  AFK – Death Gun
5.  Spag Heddy – Hugs x Stuff
6.  Starkillers x Nadia Ali x Alesso – Pressure (AFK Remix)
7.  Virtual Riot x Funtcase – Borg
8.  Datsik x 12th Planet – Party in the sewer
9.  Quest x Wavedash – Theories VIP
10. Bear Grillz – Gurls
11. Brillz – Hawt (Getter RemiX)
12. AFK – Gleam Eyes
13. Soltan – Jadu
14. Barely Alive – Windpipe (Getter Remix)
15. AFK – On the floor ft. Messinian (Dion Timmer VIP)
16. Excision – X Rated
17. Knife Party – Boss Mode
18. Excision x The Frim – Earthquake
19. Twine – String Theory
20. Excision x Dion Timmer – Final Boss
21. Dion Timmer – Feel