Los Angeles (February 22nd, 2018) Firepower Records is set to release Hi I’m Ghost’s two new tracks, “Ghost Boogie” and “Pow Pow”, on March 9th, and they’re frighteningly good. Their debut EP “Hi Friends” which dropped last year on Firepower Records, inspired the bass music world into believing in the potential of this supremely talented crew. And now with two new massive heaters and festival season firing up, expect Hi I’m Ghost to shape set lists all the way through 2018.

“Ghost Boogie” starts out strong with a powerful guitar ballad riff, an homage to the heavy rock background of Hi I’m Ghost, and it will anchor the tune through it’s insane drops and expertly crafted synth designs. But what catches the conscience of the crowd is the precision of the audio engineering. Sounds layered together create an impenetrable wall of noise that rattles guts and claims souls simultaneously. It’s festival ready and will test the integrity of whatever speakers it’s pushed through.

“Pow Pow” can go ahead and claim it’s rightful position on your setlist. An ominous buildup hypnotizes the audience, dropping them into a vicious Riddim roller all at once. What follows is complete audio annihilation, and the pulsing synth constructions are designed to instigate egregious displays of gunfinger maneuvering. As with “Ghost Boogie” the prevailing characteristic of the tune is its creativity. The track pulverizes the audience with a range of clever design techniques, which will keep crowds hooked on every sound.


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