Los Angeles (August 14th, 2018) – Firepower Records is thrilled to announce the tenth Volume of our Flatline Compilation, Flatline X, and we’ve decided to make this release unprecedented by asking some of our OG artists to send us their extra special Heat. Traditionally, the Flatline Compilation is reserved for the filthiest tracks produced by the new future of the Bass Music movement. But to celebrate our tenth edition, we thought it fitting to tap some of our most notorious heat-slingers and have them throw down a tune for us. And they absolutely wrecked shop.

JPhelpz returns to Firepower with “International”, and he, again, proves why he might be the most versatile bass music producer in the game. From his origins in Mech Bass, to his foray into Bass House, to this deep, wonky, UK dub inspired gem, JPhelpz cannot be stopped. “International” infects your soul and takes you low.

For “Shotgun”, DJ BL3ND and Rettchit team up with the lyrical machine gun MagMag for a massive bass bomb. The tune steps firmly on your throat and pushes. This is what you get when two of the most unapologetically sinister producers come together. “Shotgun” is what the name suggests—a shotgun blast to the body.

The clever and creative musical vision of Nato Feelz never disappoints, and he comes through with “System Error”. Nato Feelz has always pushed the boundaries of bass music, and he’s never allowed himself to be boxed in. “System Error” also showcases his skill with creating cinematic soundscapes that move us to our emotional core. Let this tune transport you to some alternate headbangers Universe.

Next up is “Fission”. Chime and Jarvis have taken UK Dubstep to the next level, and while the UK gets all the credit for putting bass music on the map, we look to these two British nationals as the lads that kept the fire going. Chime’s emphasis on Euphoric, melody-forward, sound design has earned him his own niche in the bass music world. Jarvis is the heavier and more aggressive balance to Chime, and his hard as nails approach works in tandem with Chime to make for an extremely satisfying tune. Wonderfully intoxicating and perfectly chaotic, the tune is an anthem, hands down.

Rounding out the EP is Rekoil, and it’s an absolute honor to have this OG Firepower artist back in the rotation. “THOSE ARE ALIENS!” is exactly what you needed. The tune walks expertly on the border between a bass banger and Riddim roller and the result is a rail-rider’s dream. Throw this on your setlist and watch the crowd deconstruct itself.


The Tracklisting for Flatline Vol. X:

  1.  JPhelpz – “International”
  2. DJ BL3ND & Rettchit – “Shotgun” (feat. MagMag)
  3. Nato Feelz – “System Error”
  4. Chime & Jarvis – “Fission”
  5. Rekoil – “THOSE ARE ALIENS!”


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