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Los Angeles (December 10, 2017) – Firepower Records will release Zack The Lad’s highly anticipated second EP with Firepower Records, FYILY, on January 27th. This is a special one for us and for Datsik in particular. It’s pretty clear that Datsik has a special place on his set list for the soaring and often euphoric sonic sensationalism of Zack The Lad. Their previous collaborations together have been fan favorites. What Datsik sees in Zack The Lad goes much deeper than that. You’d have to ask him yourself to really find out, but maybe it’s the precision of his musical engineering techniques, the beautifully imagined and complex artistry of his sound designs, or the fact that with every ZTL track you can hear the mind of a genius at work. Zack is generous with his talent, and the result is music for the fans—highly enjoyable, deeply felt on a visceral level and deeply affecting. He’s one of Firepower’s most treasured weapons.

The first track on the EP is “There”, and despite the dark imagery of Zack The Lad’s iconic Crow, it’s a gorgeous trip through sonic space. Zack The Lad loads this tune with a full arsenal of delicious sound constructions designed to lift your soul out whatever funk you’ve settled into. Sweeping in it’s ambition, the euphoric synth arrangements combine with an arresting beat structure and pull every feeling you’ve got out of your body melting them into a puddle on the floor.

“Our Thing”, featuring the sexy AF vocals of Josh Friend, goes even further by reaching into your chest and wringing your heart out like a bar rag. Zack The Lad’s talent is in his willingness to be vulnerable and selfless with his art. There is a yearning in the voice of Josh Friend, and you can imagine hands reaching out in search of someone to share this slice of life with. Another beautiful instrumental arrangement, Zack The Lad blasts us off with his soaring synth placements and chord structures.

With “Miles Up”, Zack The Lad leads us with an intro set against a beautiful piece of music played on the Piano. The piece rises into a rolling frenetic crescendo then drops of a cliff and into head-bang territory. The track goes large, and Zack builds into it a sanity-shattering wall of sound. His skill on the piano undergirds the track upon which he builds this masterpiece layer by layer.

Zack gets on the keys again for “Cry”, and it’s designed to leave you in shambles. The Classical instrumentation gives the track an organic, sexy vibe, and the listener feels it in their bones. The vibe pulses along, sustained by a sub bass that’ll rattle anyone’s undergarments right off their body. This is a tune to share with someone close, whether it’s in the bedroom or the dance floor. The result might just be the same.


The tracklisting for FYILY is:


  1. Zack The Lad – “There”
  2. Zack The Lad – “Our Thing” (Feat. Josh Friend)
  3. Zack The Lad – “Miles Up”
  4. Zack The Lad – “Cry”


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