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Los Angeles (February 20, 2017) Firepower Records is set to release Wooli’s new EP The Cave on March 10th, and we’re especially stoked because we get to introduce an absolute phenom to the light of the bass music world. Hailing from the East Coast, Wooli has managed to impress just about every major Bass Music producer out there. After chaining himself to his studio, Wooli has emerged from the lab with nothing but fire. His style is impeccable and his production skills are exceptional. This EP proves that it’s hard work and a commitment to the grind that takes us out of the dark caves of creative chaos and into the light of success.

Wooli teams up with another Bass Music young gun, Kompany, for the title track “The Cave”. We are immediately dropped into the dark caves of the mind. The drop hits, and a scorching synth arrangement tears through the tune. The cinematic soundscape evokes images of terrified primordial humans caught in a great struggle for survival. Bass music seems like a perfect soundtrack to this kind of scarce existence, and this tune captures that tension perfectly.

“Wave It Up” featuring Clinton Sly rolls in with a classic dub style melody and catchy topline. But it hits hard. Huge powerful synths blare out like horns of war, and the searing stabs pummel through any mental lines of defense you’ve established. The tune is a head banger, and you’ll have very little control over how your body reacts.

For “Big Beat”, Wooli teams up with Tyro, and the result is amazing. The sample used is perfect, and Wooli cleverly incorporates it through the tune by cutting it into the beat structure. He blasts his signature synths against his sound design, and it’s clear Wooli has every intention of placing this as a peak hour banger.

Wooli shows off his future bass talent alongside the production wizardry of BENTZ. “Finale” is the massive big room crowd pleaser we all need right now. Sporting a huge beat structure, the extremely beautiful and complex melodic structures all rise together to create a wall of sound that strips the audience of their sanity. The track is euphoric and triumphant. Hands will rise. It’s a perfect upper for a set that needs to get the crowds back on track.


The Tracklisting for The Cave is:

  1. Wooli & Kompany – “The Cave”
  2. Wooli – “Wave It Up” (Feat. Clinton Sly)
  3. Wooli & Tyro – “Big Beat”
  4. Wooli & BENTZ – “Finale”


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