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(Los Angeles) November 24th Firepower Records will release Trinergy’s new EP The Second Injection on December 18th, and as the year comes to a close, this EP is the perfect antidote to the inevitable musical zombification that occurs at the end of the year. Instead of letting the Firepower Family whimper out of 2015, we’re going to rage into 2016.

The EP opens with what must be Bass music’s equivalent of a motivational speech…only dirtier, nastier, and with much more head-banging. “Just Do It!” rolls the listener into a hefty buildup and then drops them hard. The body let’s go, the mind not far behind. By this point, we’ve bought in—we’re hooked—and as the vocal sample demands that we “make our dreams come true” the crowd is ready to leave it all on the dance floor. The bass slams, the synth sears through our braincases, and we agree that “nothing is impossible”.

“Destruction” delivers another potent dose of audio anarchy. Trinergy doubles down on the modern Dubstep beat structure. But his production prowess comes through with his clever synth inventions and melodic sound designs. The sustained pinging concept is executed perfectly and wonderfully disrupts the brainwaves. As the EP courses through the system, “Bad” kicks and eyes dilate. The track is heavy and rolls like thunder over a war zone. Trinergy successfully implements a range of sonic artillery here, forcing the listener to pay attention to the various layers built into the track.

With “Tomahawk”, Trinergy changes the character of the injection, and for the better. He takes his sinister sound and gives it a Drum and Bass treatment. The result is a massive peak hour heater with enough power to sustain your musical dose right through the dark hours of the night.

Rounding out the EP is “Lost in Network”, a collaboration between Trinergy and Skyloud. Built for the festival sound systems, every millisecond of this track is insane. Skyloud and Trinergy are able to build a wall of sound that pulses through the track, blasting the listener with sonic energy. But the track is also a comment on our unhealthy devotion to social media. We develop a language around common media phenomena. The samples selected, then, reflect those now infamous moments in social media history. The track is balanced, measured, and focused, and it’s clear it will become a favorite among bass DJs and fans all over the world.

The tracklist for The Second Injection is:

  1. Trinergy – “Just Do It!”
  2. Trinergy – “Destruction”
  3. Trinergy – “The Bad”
  4. Trinergy – “Tomahawk”
  5. Trinergy & Skyloud – “Lost In Network” (Feat. Sublime)

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