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(Los Angeles) July 15th, 2015 Spag Heddy has always been on Firepower Record’s radar, and today, we are proud to announce the release of his forthcoming EP, Gypsi Thug. The Dutch bass badass, Mischa Reining, is well known for his constant flow of both heavy and melodic tunes in the Dubstep and Drumstep genres, and with Gypsi Thug, Spag Heddy has cooked up his best batch of bass to date.

“Prologue” ignites the EP with a serious round of mind shredding synth arrangements. Spag Heddy’s talent in the realms of melodic bass music production comes through as he treats the track with a catchy and soaring top-line. But the tune quickly turns a filthy corner, and, once the bass drops, Spag Heddy’s attention turns towards dance floor annihilation. In “Make U Jump”, Spag Heddy keeps his foot on the throttle and does not let up. It’s an all-out attack on the citadel of your senses, and the machine-gun synths spit fire until the clips are empty and barrel is red-hot. As Bass music DJs continue to evolve the live show experience, they are increasingly reaching deeper into their collection for tracks certified to keep heads rolling and fans losing their minds. Spag Heddy’s attention to detail and his work with a diverse range of samples and sound designs make this the kind of track modern bass DJs will rely on for their biggest festival sets.

Spag Heddy takes “Bad Boi” in a new direction by choosing a Hip Hop beat structure and slowing it down. Then he adds a nasty sub bass that rattles your guts to pieces. The result is a boundary pushing Bass music masterpiece. It resists any genre classification and instead treats the audience to an impressively original and irresistible piece of Bass music. There’s no doubt Spag Heddy’s intention was to bring people to their knees with this one.

Finally, “Gypsi Thug” ties the EP together with a thematic interpretation of what Dubstep would sound like if a caravan of mercenaries were marauding through the frontiers of Eastern Europe. The track is bouncy and playful while also maintaining a distinctly cultural sound. Do not take the track for granted though; as soon as you settle in on the Gypsi music leading the tune, Spag Heddy nails your brain to the wall with a massive Dubstep breakdown.

The tracklisting for Gypsi Thug is:

1. Spag Heddy – “Prologue”
2. Spag Heddy – “Make U Jump”
3. Spag Heddy – “Bad Boi”
4. Spag Heddy – “Gypsy Thug”

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