Los Angeles (July 1st, 2016) Firepower Records is beyond thrilled to announce the forthcoming release of Soltan’s Jadugar EP on July 22nd. We make it a priority to ensure each release is special, but it’s worth mentioning how much raw original talent Soltan has. He’s an artist in the truest sense of the word, reflecting the world around him through his music. But underneath the hard-as-nails bass lines, the overly aggressive top lines, and the obsessive attention to detail in his sound designs is a voice trapped within the massive machinery of Iranian political doctrines and religious dogma. Listeners may be surprised to learn that Soltan produced this EP in his home in Iran. And it was done in complete secrecy.

Art always finds a way to speak for those whose voices are oppressed. The Jadugar EP is Soltan yelling at the top of his lungs, and his music reveals a hidden genius that would have remained hidden if it weren’t for the perfect pairing of Bass music and Internet technology. Soltan’s music also reveals a kid just like us—hopeful in same ways we are, afraid of the same things we are, trying to get busy in same ways we do. When the Iranian Government isn’t strangling bandwith or straight-up controlling access to it, Soltan produces filthy bass music. When most of us are ready to quit because of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, Soltan keeps his head down, producing intricate soundscapes with the hope of one day sending his sonic messages out to the world. Troy Beetles, the Firepower Records Boss whose ears all music released on the label must pass, was immediately mesmerized by how unique and innovative Soltan is. The decision was swift and immediate; it was the most impressed Troy has been with an artist in quite some time. His story is inspiring, too, and speaks to the transcendent power of music to cross cultural, political, religious, and geographic borders. We are all united through the power of dance. Plus the EP goes effing Hard AF!

Starting the EP is “Bang Bazzar”, a collaboration with Firepower Footsoldier, Spag Heddy, and features the vocal wizadry of Gravity. The traditional Persian influences permeate the tune and offer a fresh take on bass. After the revolution in Iran, artistic expression took a bit of a hit, but now we are witnessing the untapped wells of artistry that bubbled under the surface just waiting for a chance to pop.

Soltan is also an extremely astute and capable student of modern bass music sound design. His synth work is brilliant, unmatched by much of the producers out there today. “Balkan’s Hammer” uses the traditional Persian musical influences, but forges it through the crucible of Dubstep production. “Jadu”, then, takes a more western approach, featuring all the vocal hype you’d see in the Hip Hop world. But Soltan compresses the track into a feast of plentitude, offering up a seemingly infinite variety of sounds. The track reveals itself a little more with every listen.

Rounding out the EP is “Live On Rewind” featuring Jai Matt. Here is the festival ballad any DJ should keep in their arsenal. With soaring vocals and a sinister drop, the track is perfect for the mid set sing-along. It’s a gorgeous way to cap an impressive EP and shows the insane range Soltan possesses.

The tracklisting for “Jadugar” is:

  1. Soltan & Spag Heddy – “Bang Bazzar” Feat. Gravity
  2. Soltan – “Balkan’s Hammer”
  3. Soltan – “Jadu”
  4. Soltan – “Live On Rewind” Feat. Jai Matt

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