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Los Angeles (April 18th, 2016) Firepower Records is proud to announce the next release of our Shellshock Compilation, Kamikaze, and we’re getting early reports that it’s already setting flammable material ablaze thousands of miles away. The release of our yearly Shellshock Compilation also gives us a chance to reach out to you, our extended Firepower Fam, and celebrate the fact that you are what make us so strong.

Since its humble inception in March of 2012 by Troy BeetlesDatsik by his nom de guerre—Firepower Records has evolved into a bass music behemoth, releasing heavyweight producers like Datsik, Protohype, Getter, Barely Alive, Truth, Bear Grillz, Mayhem, Antiserum, Fox Stevenson, Must Die, PhaseOne, Terravita, ETC! ETC! and Trolley Snatcha and featuring Hip Hop and Rock royalty like Snoop Dog, Trinidad James, KRS-One, DJ Paul KOM of Three-6 Mafia and Travis Barker of Blink 182. The Firepower Family currently claims 65 artists and counting and on May 13th, the label will showcase the best and most badass it has to offer. As a show of overwhelming support, some of dance music’s heaviest hitters have signed on by offering tracks exclusively for the ShellShock Kamaikaze release. The tracklist reads like a bass music “best-of” list. If Bass Music had a fantasy league, this would be a winning line-up.

But Firepower is more than a disjointed and disconnected series of artists and tracks. We like to consider ourselves more of a Family and the ShellShock Kamikaze release as more of a family reunion. Firepower Records is a label and an internationally respected dance music brand, but it would be nothing without the like-minded artists, friends, neighbors, and fans that hold it all together and keep it alive.

There’s no finer example of the familial nature of the bass music world than the first collaboration on the Compilation. Datsik and 12th Planet come together with a dub infused “Party In The Sewer” featuring Elan, and it’s massive. A one-man wub factory, Datsik smashes the track with his signature wobbles, while 12th planet puts his creative beat creation and swampy sound techniques to work. Next, returning family member Bear Grillz throws down with “Nap Gurlz”. The disco hook pumps your impulse to dance and the drops will snap your neck if you’re not prepared. A quick word though–this track is in no way associated with the good people of Nap Girls, and if you’re interested in who they are, check them out! Protohype and Stratus put in work with “Let’s Do This”, and as expected the two artists march us through a spectrum of sound structures so diverse you lose your mind trying to keep track. Soltan continues to impress us with his creative vision. With “Turn Up” he takes Bass Music to the edges of the known universe and then hits lightspeed. Soltan is easily one of the new visionaries, and we should all be watching him closely.

EH!DE and Funk4mation peel the roof off with “Come Back”, and the Bass living under the basement of this track is scary and mad. EH!DE’s been crushing it recently, but it goes without saying that this has been the year of Zack The Lad. His release Black Sheep began the Firepower Records release calendar in 2016 and we just can’t get enough. It has been said that Datsik only has a few artists loaded into his personal iPod, and one of those artists is Zack The Lad. Here, he offers us “Won’t Stop”, and his production skill is immediately superior.

Spag Heddy is back with “Hugs and Stuff”, and we couldn’t be more stoked. A definite fan favorite, Spag Heddy has released nothing but fire. The opening wraps the listener with sonic sunshine and then slams your ass to ground. That must be the “Stuff” in the title. Init, Goldplate, and Hami all put in on “Greens”, and with all three of these stellar talents maximizing potential, the result is an epic facemelter. If there’s any way to guarantee the crowds will run a mosh pit on you, hammer this track through the sound system.

It’s been a while since AFK rolled out a release with Firepower Records, and we’re glad to have him back. “Death Gun” showcases the frenetic and yet focused musical mind of AFK. The synth takes us all over the sonic map, and we love it. We also love Drum and Bass, and what’s bass music without a little heavy Drum and Bass? Leave that to MineSweepa. “No Face” takes bass very seriously. The shift to Drum and Bass is perfectly placed in the track and by the time it hits, you’ve separated your mind from its corporeal lodgings. Rounding out the EP is Twine. They do nothing but amazing work, and it’s clear by the complexity of their productions. “Dayjahvuh” is another reminder that Bass Music is nowhere near finished evolving. The beat structure, with its diversity of fills and intricate sound designs, is both groovy and heavy.

The collection of talent contained in the Shellshock Kamikaze Compilation represents the best of what bass music has to offer and we’re happy to be sharing it with you.

The tracklist for Shellshock Kamikaze is:

  1. Datsik & 12th Planet – “Party In The Sewer” (feat. Elan)
  2. Bear Grillz – “Gurlz”
  3. Protohype & Stratus – “Let’s Do This”
  4. Soltan – “Turn Up”
  5. EH!DE & Funk4Mation – “Come Back”
  6. Zack The Lad – “Won’t Stop”
  7. Spag Heddy – “Hugs And Stuff”
  8. Init, Goldplate & Hami – “Greens”
  9. AFK – “Death Gun”
  10. MineSweepa – “No Face”
  11. Twine – “Dayjahvuh”

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