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Los Angeles (April 24th, 2017) – Firepower Records is proud to announce the next release of our Shellshock Compilation, Annihilation, and we’re getting early reports that it’s already setting dance floors ablaze thousands of miles away. The release of our yearly Shellshock Compilation also gives us a chance to reach out to you, our extended Firepower Fam, and celebrate the fact that you are what make us so strong.

Since its humble inception in March of 2012 by Troy Beetles— Datsik by his nom de guerre—Firepower Records has evolved into a bass music behemoth, releasing heavyweight producers like Datsik, Protohype, PhaseOne, Getter, Barely Alive, Truth, Bear Grillz, Mayhem, Antiserum, Fox Stevenson, Must Die, PhaseOne, Terravita, ETC! ETC! JPhelpz, Spag Heddy, and Trolley Snatcha and featuring Hip Hop and Rock royalty like Snoop Dog, Trinidad James, KRS-One, DJ Paul KOM of Three-6 Mafia and Travis Barker of Blink 182. The Firepower Family currently claims releases with over 70 artists and counting, and on May 12th, the label will showcase the best and most badass it has to offer. As a show of overwhelming support, some of dance music’s heaviest hitters have signed on by offering tracks exclusively for the Shellshock Annihilation release. The track list reads like a bass music “best-of” list. If Bass Music had a fantasy league, this would be a winning line-up.

It would be a damn travesty to withhold Datsik’s “Katana” VIP featuring Mayor Apeshit from the bass music world. If you had the chance to experience Datsik’s Ninja Nation tour this year, you no doubt would have heard this tune open the show. As the lights and lazers rigged to the Shogun Stage hummed with potential energy, the now infamous intro reached deep into your chest cavity and twisted your spine. The drop hits, and the VIP edit knocks you down. Rumor has it that the term “riding the rail” was invented the first night Datsik threw this track down. One of the most frequently asked questions we received was when that edit would be available to the public. Now it is.

JPhelpz has grown into a bass music powerhouse in his own right. He pioneered his signature mech hop sound into the fertile Dubstep wildernesses, and artists around the world have since tried to infuse their own tunes with his sound philosophy. JPhelpz came out swinging with “Busta”, and it’s filthy.

Following up JPhelpz is Torqux with “Let’s Dance”, and the talent that oozes from this DJ duo is disgusting. Firepower debuted Torqux’ The Wolf EP earlier this year, and it has remained one of the standout additions to the world of bass music to date. This otherworldy riddim hybrid is completely unique, and “Let’s Dance” is a must have track designed to propel crowds towards their own annihilation.

Next is the dance music phenom Hi I’m Ghost. With an EP recently debuted with Firepower Records, his production game is unbeatable. He seems to span the dance music universe with “Haha”, which makes it a perfect mainstage banger. Hi I’m Ghost is years ahead of most producers grinding away today.

Speaking of bass music phenoms, Jarvis throws down with Code: Pandorum, and the result is “Unholy”. A massive buzzsaw synth slices you in half while a relentless sub bass keeps your soul from leaving your body completely. The drum this tune utilizes is lethal, and it smashes like a thousand sinners head banging against the gates of hell. Couple “Unholy” with perhaps the hardest tune on the compilation, Fed-Up’s “Less Than Cool”, and you have an insane back to back combo that makes this compilation the filthiest compilation of the year. Period.

Protohype is Firepower Family to the core, and he reps hard with “Beat U Back”. A big rolling beat marches through the track, and a sinister synth slices through your braincase. Protohype shows his bass music prowess by offering us a nasty hard trap section at the end of the track, solidifying the staying power his tunes possess and why they are some of the most played in bass music history.

Kennedy Jones goes all-in with “NNEVERNNOT” featuring DJ Paul K.O.M of Three 6 Mafia. DJ Paul is a lyrical hurricane, and his voice has laced the tracks of bass music’s elite. Add Kennedy Jones to the list. Kennedy Jones has never stopped grinding, and his work ethic ensures his productions are always the highest quality. “NNEVERNNOT” is both an instant festival sing-along tune and a pulverizing, rage-inducing banger. Play it out and watch the dance floor lose their shit.

We are especially stoked to have LUMBERJVCK featured on the Shellshock Compilation. We’ve been fans of his work since day one, and his meteoric rise through the ranks reflects his creativity and musical risk-taking behavior. “Run Di Land” moves through multiple genres while weaving together a sonic tapestry that goes hard AF. The track is pure LUMBERJVCK, from the wubby synth constructions to the expertly placed samples.

Locking down the compilation is Zetta and Rettchit with “Sedona”. Zetta proved their production abilities on our Flatline Volume 4 compilation, and, of course, we asked them to throw as much filth our way as possible. They’ve done just that here. Rettchit compliments Zetta perfectly here, and adds his own fresh and original sound designs. “Sedona”, then, is a modern dubstep masterpiece, and culls audio elements from all over the sonos-sphere. The result is this audio attack dog. Don’t sleep on this one.

Tracklisting for Shellshock Annihilation:

  1. Datsik – “Katana” (feat. Mayor Apeshit) VIP
  2. JPhelpz – “Busta”
  3. Torqux – “Let’s Dance”
  4. Hi I’m Ghost – “Haha”
  5. Jarvis & Code: Pandorum – “Unholy”
  6. Fed-Up – “Less Than Cool”
  7. Protohype – “Beat U Back”
  8. Kennedy Jones – “NNEVERNNOT” (feat. DJ PAUL K.O.M OF THREE 6 MAFIA)
  9. LUMBERJVCK – “Run Di Land”
  10. Zetta & Rettchit – “Sedona”


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