(Los Angeles) January 12th Firepower Records is thrilled to announce the release of Riot Ten’s new single “In The Trunk” featuring the lyrical swordplay of our good friend Armanni Reign. The track will drop on February 12th, 2016, and as the dance music community begins to rev up for festival season, “In The Trunk” promises to be one of the heaviest dance floor destroyers of the New Year. Hailing from El Paso, Texas, Riot Ten has exploded onto the bass scene. With roots in the Hip Hop world, his music evolved along familiar patterns, and it wasn’t long before his skills found a home in the world of Bass music production. Armanni Reign’s background in music reads like a Hip Hop MC guidebook. From rapping on lunch tables in Elementary School to rocking college house parties, he found his passion in spitting lyrical napalm. His technique and intelligence led him to compete in cyphas and rap battles, but when, in 2000, he discovered the potential in Drum and Bass MCing, he new he had found his calling. Featured most recently on Firepower’s release of Protohype and Paper Diamond’s track “Let’s go” we’re stoked to have him back. (linksmagazine.com)

“In The Trunk” set’s an aggressive tone early. Armanni Reign is in complete control of the buildup, spitting words like rounds from a Gatling Gun. Riot Ten constructs a drop that is heavy and deep, and it blasts the listener with enough energy to light up a massive mosh pit. Sinister synth arrangements sear through the topline, and together with the Trapstyle beat structure and an earth shattering sub bass, the wall of sound smashes into the dance floor like armies of two enemy empires on the field of battle. There’s no reason why “In The trunk” should not be added to your set list.

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