Los Angeles (May 16, 2016) – Firepower Records will release Riot Ten’s new EP Hype Or Die: Headbangerz on June 3rd – just in time for the North American summer festival season. Riot Ten’s accolades in the bass music world are numerous and weighty, so by the time he released his massive single “In The Trunk” featuring the lyrical swordplay of Armanni Reign with us earlier this year, his notoriety only grew. As a self-professed Hip Hop head hailing from El Paso, Texas, he’s been at the forefront of bringing Hip Hop and Bass Music together. Now, the practice is a ubiquitous staple of producers around the planet. He has since toured the continent, rocking dance floors to smithereens, and with this EP, he’s solidified his place in the halls of bass music excellence.

The EP begins with “Earthquake” featuring Extra Terra and Born I Music. Sirens blare as a welcome or warning. I’ll let the listener decide. But when the drop hits, Riot Ten has made sure there is no getting out. Full throttle is a permanent feature of his modus operandi, though. Any fan of Riot Ten’s will know this well already. This is not a track you can settle into. You go hard straight from the intro until you’re a puddle of sweat on the floor.

Riot Ten redirects with “Evil Dead”, and pulls choice samples from the film we all know and love, which, of course is awesome. His beat structure for the track is rolling and swampy, and matches the ominous synth arrangements lurking over the top. You get the distinct sense you’re there in the cabin with the rest of the doomed victims of flesh possessing demons.

There can be no doubt that “Like Kanye”, an absolutely filthy collaboration with Rathero and featuring dub vocal stylings of Bunji Garlin, is headed for the festival main stage Hall of Fame. The track is a perfect example of Riot Ten’s diverse musical vision and his uncanny ability to forge cohesive alliances between genres. Part heavy Trap banger, part Dancehall party stomper, “Like Kanye” nails every dance nerve in the body.

Rounding out the EP is the title track, “Headbangerz”. The lyrical battleaxe Brewski puts in work here, hyping the track up to infinity. Riot Ten builds in a nasty synth growl with stabs that work like audio shockwaves applied directly to the pleasure center of the brain. With a vicious wall of sound pulsing through the track, we’d advise you to look into a good neck brace before pumping it through a sound system.

The track list for Hype Or Die: Headbangerz is:

  1. Riot Ten – “Earthquake” (Feat. Extra Terra & Born I Music)
  2. Riot Ten – “Evil Dead”
  3. Riot Ten & Rathero – “Like Kanye” (Feat. Bunji Garlin)
  4. Riot Ten – “Headbangerz” (Feat. Brewski)


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