Los Angeles (March 15th, 2016) Firepower Records is set to drop Protohype’s Puppy Crew EP on April 8th and it may be the first Bass music EP devoted to the relationships between dogs and their people. If you know Protohype, you know the love he has for his dog Jelly is unconditional. As a touring DJ, though, there are long stretches of separation, but the love fans around the world have for their own puppies is a shared experience. If you love bass music and you love your puppy, you’re part of the Puppy Crew. And in celebration of that bond, Protohype will be giving away the EP to fans for free who donate to his favorite animal rescue charity organization. Stay locked for more info on participating. Don’t be fooled by all the talk of puppies, though. This EP is frightfully deceptive and dangerously dank.

“ Livin’ it” featuring Micah Martin comes out strong with a scorching Dubstep roller infused with a soaring synth arrangement. Protohype immediately displays his production prowess by installing his signature growls, which balance over the top of a more melodic top line. Micah Martin’s voice accompanies the tune perfectly and introduces a classic dub style of vocalism. The track is complex and provides a solid peak hour selection for any bass music set.

Protohype and Minesweepa come together with lyricist Malcolm Anthony for “100”, the first of two tracks Anthony will lend his vocals to. Protohype has always been able to successfully pair his tracks with proper lyricists, and Malcolm is no exception. Rapping over a Bounce bassline in “100”, he transforms the track from a full-throttle rave tune to a festival sing along. With “Lights On”, he shows he can shift gears and create a more euphoric soundscape. The song is gorgeous, and it provides a nice interlude to the hard-as-nails tracks comprising the rest of the EP.

Whenever Datsik and Protohype get together, at least one of the results is a new dance floor smasher. That’s what we have with “Dubs & 50’s”. One part Dubstep crusher and one part sex-on-the-dancefloor bass anthem, the track shows the creative range of two of the world’s most talented bass producers. Classic Datsik Wubs permeate the tune, but there’s a decidedly ambitious attempt to defy all genre categories. The result is a track that’s always changing and never the same.

Stratus jumps on “Drop The Hammer” which feature Ras on vocals. The track is destructive and features a three beat cocktail that, when mixed with a dance floor, is extremely volatile. Cycling from a break and drumstep beat to trapstyle to Moombahton, the track only demands everything from the audience and leaves only sweaty bodies. It’s a party igniter, plain and simple.

Rounding out the EP is “Loco”, and it lives up to its namesake. Init comes on board and influences Protohype’s nastier, mechy side. Much more minimal and mechanical than the sweeping anthems Protohype normally orchestrates, “Loco” is designed to get under your skin and stay there. Init has a knack for this kind production, and he works well to balance all the melody of the previous 5 songs.


The tracklist for Puppy Crew is:

  1. Protohype – “Livin’ It” (Feat. Micah Martin)
  2. Protohype & Minesweepa – “100” (Feat Malcolm Anthony)
  3. Datsik & Protohype – “Dubs & 50’s”
  4. Protohype & Stratus – “Drop the Hammer” (Feat, Ras)
  5. Protohype – “Lights On” (Feat. Malcom Anthony)
  6. Protohype & Init – “Loco”


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