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Septemeber 24th, 2015 (Los Angeles) Firepower Records is set to release Ponicz masterfully composed 36 Chambers EP on October 16th, and there’s a legitimate risk Ponicz will make all previously released bass music productions seem silly and passé. Ponicz is a mad scientist whose technical prowess and constant pursuit of perfection in the lab yielded a completely original creation that, once loosed upon the world, may cause some real havok. We saw this coming; the success of his track “Pump This”, which was featured on the Flatline Volume 2 compilation and sat comfortably on the Beatport Dubstep Top Ten, was a warning shot across the bow. Firepower could not be happier to unleash the pure potential energy of Ponicz.

The EP begins with “Apocolypse”, and the listener is immediately introduced to a classic Dub structure. Very quickly, though, Ponicz precise sound design techniques are put on display. Melding classic elements with contemporary synth structures, this sinister track moves along in a rolling head-nodic rhythm. The synth is heavy, and “Apocolypse” could easily fit into massive festival set as easily as a dark warehouse rave.

The title track, “36 Chambers” re-conceptualizes how we perceive the limits of bass music. As the track rolls in, a haunting euphoric melody sets the tone. Ponicz use of a Riddim inspired beat pattern is matched through his implementation of aggressive stabs. He brings the listener in and out of a dream states by soothing us with his uncanny melodies and then slamming us with iron-fisted synth stabs.

“Outlaw” capitalizes on Ponicz unique buzzsaw synth invention, and the results are crushing. He infuses the beat with a gut-rumbling sub-bass that accentuates the high ends and toplines. This track’s strength is in Ponicz ability to build in a sound narrative that increases in strength as the song progresses. Again, there’s a throwback Dub feel, but the wall of sound he creates puts it in league with festival set weapons.

The tracklisting for 36 Chambers is:

  1. Ponicz – “Apocolypse”
  2. Ponicz – “36 Chambers”
  3. Ponicz – “Outlawz”

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