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Los Angeles (June 21st, 2016) Firepower Records is beyond stoked to announce that, on July 8th, we will be releasing PhaseOne’s highly anticipated new single “UFO”. Prepare for an abduction.

PhaseOne is known for his use of classic heavy metal elements in his work. Huge drum rolls and metal guitar riff simulations march through his tracks and provide an element of live instrumentation you don’t really find in other Bass Music productions. After teasing us into a sinister musical theme with an ominous key arrangement, “UFO” invades the braincase and unleashes the lasers. This time around, though, PhaseOne introduces some tricks, pushing his drum kits to their limits with new trip kicks and drum rolls. That is why PhaseOne stands out from the rest of the pack. Plus, he’s from Sydney, Australia, and comprises part of a pack of producers that are working hard to forge a reputation as un-fuck-with-able on the international dance music stage. With a U.S. tour scheduled for this summer, we are going to see, firsthand, some gnarly Aussie audio annihilation..


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