Los Angeles (November 2, 2016) – Firepower Records is set to release PhaseOne’s brand new single “Area 51” featuring F3tch, and it’s the logical follow-up to his latest mind-melter “UFO”. PhaseOne cannot be stopped. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, he continues to produce on a level unreachable by many artists out there today. Maybe it’s his devotion to detail, or his ability to engineer complex musical arrangements into his tracks; he never ceases to amaze fans with his straight-up filth burgers. We’re glad to have him back.

“Area 51” comes at you with an ominous intro, an audio invasion that starts innocuously enough. PhaseOne and F3tch obviously imagine an occupying force of extraterrestrials to establish first a tolerable rapport with its human subjects. But the tension of the track increases, and it becomes clear that PhaseOne does not mean for this interaction to go well. With a buildup that gathers in a terrifying intensity, the drop hits and absolutely demolishes everything in its path. The paranoia is real, but it’s too late. The track is incurring massive damage with its unearthly synth pulses and growls. PhaseOne opens fire with the big guns here and marches across the audio landscape snapping necks and banging heads. Weaponize your peak hour with “Area 51”. The truth is out there!


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